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Best Wireless Headphones: Panasonic Technics EAH-AZ70W, review

Best Wireless Headphones
Best Wireless Headphones

Implementing truly effective active noise cancellation technology in in-ear headphones is not easy. Circumaural wireless headphones make it easier because the design of their enclosure and the location of their ear pads around our ears help them isolate us from ambient noise. And this is a good starting point. Even so, several brands, among which are Sony, Sennheiser, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, or Honor, among others, have accepted the challenge and have placed solutions of this type in stores, which, yes, do not have a quality homogeneous.

Our current reference if we stick to fully wireless in-ear headphones with active noise cancellation is the wireless headphones Sony WF-1000XM3. Their sound quality is high, but there are other solutions that can look at them in this field from you to you. What makes them stand out is their amazing noise cancellation. But his reign is being threatened. And it is that the Technics headphones that we are about to analyze, which are decidedly premium, on paper seem capable of intimidating other high-end solutions. We have thoroughly tested them and here is our verdict.


Technics EAH-AZ70W wireless headphones: technical specifications

The specifications published by the brands of audio devices are not always aligned with their sound quality. Sometimes a device that looks really good on paper is tarnished by its low level of detail, dynamics that can be improved, or by the low extension of its low end. If you take a look at the table that you have below these lines, and that reflects the specifications published by Technics to describe its headphones, you will not see anything really striking. Its frequency response moves in the range between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. The normal. They also have touch control and separate Bluetooth connectivity for each headset. But we have seen all this before.

Placing graphene on the diaphragm it is possible to alter its structure to get it closer to the perfect pistonic behavior, which is the ideal one a loudspeaker should aspire to.

The ones that have caused Technics engineers to bet on it are its lightness and rigidity. And it is that, in theory, placing this material on the diaphragm it is possible to alter its structure to get it closer to the perfect pistonic behavior, which is the ideal to which a speaker should aspire. This simply means that the diaphragm must aim to move like a perfect piston. Without being affected by inertia and without deforming in the least. As we can guess, this is just a theoretical ideal that cannot be achieved in practice due to the restrictions imposed by real-world physics, but it is very interesting to find out if the graphene in these headphones is just a marketing trick, or if On the contrary, it really does have a beneficial impact on your sound quality.

HEADPHONE TYPEFully wireless in-ear headphones (True Wireless) with noise cancellation
SPEAKERGraphene coated 10mm diaphragm
SCOPEUp to 10m
HEADPHONE WEIGHT7 g (each unit)
PRICE279 euros
  • They reproduce the middle area of ​​the frequency spectrum, and in particular the voices, with an unusual richness
  • The finish of these headphones is very careful
  • Its noise cancellation competes from you to you with the best
  • They have outstanding ergonomics
  • Their approximate 6 hours of autonomy on a single charge and activated cancellation place them in the first division
  • Although their overall sound quality is high, the treble and bass are not at the outstanding level that these headphones achieve when playing back voices.
  • The Technics app does not indicate the charge value of the case, and we think it is important to know it

Decidedly premium design and finish

The photographs illustrating the article do not do justice to the care Technics have put in both the headphones and the charging case. The latter is light ( weighs only 65 g ), but it is rigid and made of a good quality combination of aluminum and polycarbonate that seems very successful in a high-end product. 

The ergonomics of these headphones are great. They are the most comfortable I have tried so far. It is compact enough so that we can carry it without a problem in a pocket. And of course, it’s also sturdy enough that we can put it in a bag or backpack along with other objects without fear of it being damaged or scratched.

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Sound quality, noise cancellation, and autonomy

Best Wireless Headphones

To connect the headphones to our smartphone and act on their behavior we have to previously install the Technics Audio Connect app on our mobile, which is available for both Android and iOS. The interface of this application is very simple. It allows us to check the state of charge of the battery of each earphone, manipulate the volume, enable the sound mode we prefer (we can reinforce the bass, improve the resolution of the voices and equalize to our liking), act on the intensity of the noise cancellation and decide to what extent we want to pass or not the ambient sound. They are not the best wireless headphones for PC.

The touch control in other models does not offer us adequate sensitivity, but in these headphones, it works very well. Obviously, to take advantage of it we have to learn the touches that each action requires, The noise cancellation of these headphones is very effective when you have to attenuate persistent and homogeneous sounds

Final verdict for these wireless headphones:

Beyond its price, all the characteristics of these headphones reveal that we are facing a high-end solution. Its careful finish and ergonomics stand out, but what really places these EAH-AZ70W in the first division of completely wireless headphones is precisely the efficiency of their attenuation algorithm and the precision with which they manage to reproduce the human voice, which is, without a doubt, the most complex “musical instrument” of all. And hence they can be named as best wireless headphones.

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