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Best Corsair Keyboard: Corsair Gaming K70 RGB, review 2020

Corsair Keyboard
Corsair Keyboard

Nowadays one of the highest priorities for PC industry manufacturers is to adopt new strategies to justify products with a more focused identity towards gamers. We have the case of the Corsair Keyboard. Corsair just last year introduced a new brand of products called “Gaming.” Although it did not have good reception at first because the logo was heavily criticized for looking like a tattoo. This did not prevent them from succeeding. We saw new hearing aids, liquid cooling systems, and even peripherals arrive.

One of the latter was the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB mechanical keyboard that can be classified as one of the most attractive options for enthusiasts who are looking for a better touch experience and greater customization options through RGB lighting.


Corsair Keyboard Detailed Review:

  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Offers another level of customization
  • Ideal for FPS games and writing
  • We miss accessories of the original model
  • Noise is a small cost to pay
  • The cable is too thick for our liking
  • Using the software is somewhat tedious
  • It’s not cheap

Corsair Keyboard Design

The new Corsair Gaming K70 RGB keyboard is currently the intermediate model in Corsair’s new range of mechanics with RGB lighting. The rest of the family is made up of K65 RGB and K90 RGB.

In terms of accessories, we have been surprised that the K70 RGB comes quite austere, perhaps a little more than we would like. And is that now they decided not to include a set of textured WASD keys and numbers from 1 to 6 and a key to remove keys as it happened with the original model. The only thing we will find is a soft-touch wrist rest that is removable, as well as a manual and warranty.

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Speaking a little more about its features, the K70 RGB keyboard is 100% mechanical, and, in the case of the sample that we received, it comes with Cherry MX RGB Red switches that were presented at CES 2013. These we will detail a little later. It is worth mentioning that we may also find it for sale with Cherry MX Blue or Brown switches.

When it comes to design, the corsair keyboard K70 RGB looks identical to the original. This is noted by having a frame on the top that is made of aluminum with a brushed metallic color finish, which gives it a minimalist and sophisticated appearance that draws attention.

Continuing with the tour. The keyboard comes with an elegant rather thick 1.5m braided cable that is the result of including two USB connectors of which: one is to connect the keyboard and the other to deliver more power if we had other peripherals connected directly to the keyboard.

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Regarding the back, quite resistant plastic has been used where we only find some clips that help raise the height of the keyboard, anti-slip rubber and a legend of Warning indicating the health problems that can be caused by excessive use of the keyboard .

Zooming in a little to the top right we will find that the K70 RGB retains a multimedia panel that includes several buttons including one to mute the sound and an elegant metal wheel to adjust the volume .

In this same section, there are also two more buttons: one is used to adjust the intensity of the lighting in four levels and the other is to block the Windows key and thus avoid accidentally pressing it while we play. All these works without using the software.

Cherry MX RGB switches

The real value that the K70 RGB offers compared to its predecessor and, perhaps, other mechanical keyboards, is that it is one of the first to already use Cherry MX RGB switches that have the ability to deliver up to 16.7 million colors and support for over 50 million keystrokes.

Regarding the design of the switches. Once we remove the key cover, at a glance you can see that each one is mounted on top of the aluminum frame, this in order to offer the greatest possible rigidity.

You can also see that the switch mechanism is covered with a translucent cover that helps improve lighting, while the light of each switch is given by a 3mm LED that is mounted just above the switch.

They have a quite wide actuation response and require a 45g actuation force. This means that they are ideal for FPS (first person shooter) games, in addition to not giving a click noise when the key is pressed.

Corsair Keyboard Software:

The best and the worst is the software

Although there is no doubt that the Cherry MX RGB switches are the most striking attribute that the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB keyboard brings, the reality is that to squeeze all the features it offers, such as choosing or creating our own lighting effects, assigning macros and others, it is necessary to learn how to use the Corsair Utility Engine program that we can download from the official website.

Even without being a great expert, when it comes to learning a new program, it would only be a matter of taking a few minutes to master a program. For better or for worse, this is not exactly the case with the Corsair CUE.

The reason is that the software is so complete that the first time we run it, it can cause anyone to feel intimidated or it can hurt our heads a little after reading the 142 pages of the manual. In other words, intuitive it is not, but very complete.


There are gamers for whom a cheap and well-functioning keyboard is more than enough to play. But if we are more demanding users and we want to enjoy a better touch experience, there is no better option than a mechanical keyboard.

When it comes to everyday use, I must admit that it takes a little time to get used to letting go of pressing the keys so hard or to the characteristic noise that Cherry MX Red switches generate. But the fact that you feel that your fingers float when you write really changes your life. Trust me.


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