Five of the lightest gaming mouse of 2020

lightest gaming mouse

Have you been battling fatigue brought about by tedious gaming methods and tools? Well, this article will lessen this burden and provide you with a better way of gaming. This is by using a lightest gaming mouse. Ultra-light gaming mouse have over time proven to be effective, fast and less tiring. These light gaming tools are known to have good sensors, comfortable to hold on to and also withstand frequent use, that is they last longer.

So let us dive right in, here are five of the lightest gaming mouse of 2020:

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1:FinalMouse Ultra-light 2 cape town

Weighing in at 47 grams, we have one of the lightest gaming mouse of 2020, the FinalMouse Ultra-light. It is very light, effective and is in high demand. It has a reputation of providing state of the art services and comes at a fairly reasonable price, 200usd to 300usd. Even though the price may seem a bit steep, it is totally worth it. Let us look at some specs, first of it has a PMW3360 optical sensor. Secondly, it uses the Omron (D2FC-F-7N0) in the left and right mouse buttons that makes it feel light and somewhat snappy.

2:Razor Viper Ultra-light

The Razor Viper Ultra-light is definitely your money’s worth, it weighs in at an astonishing 69 grams. What is even more astonishing, is that it accomplished such a light mouse without any holes which is very impressive. Let us dive further into its specifications, it has a 16k DPI optical sensor that is approved by international certification bodies and that makes it a trustworthy brand. Secondly, it has a total of 8 programmable buttons that can be assigned through the Razor Synapse for almost any task, right from simple tasks to pretty steep actions.



Talk about unique! This mouse right here is a game changer, it is so unique that there is no other copycat brand in the market. This makes it thrive in the oh so competitive market. The PMW3389 sensor is the best type of sensor you will come across in the market today. Additionally, it has a unique shape that is all things ergonomical and is coupled with 7 buttons plus a scroll wheel that will prove very efficient to a gamer. To further spice up the specs, it has an EZCORD that is much better than the traditional braided cord and it feels as if you are using a wireless mouse. It comes cheap too.



4:Glorious Model O

Glorious is a reputable brand that has continued feeding then market with reliable and quality gaming mice. They have recently released the Glorious O minus model that is way lighter than this model we shall look into. The glorious Model O has a weight of 67 grams and that right there qualifies it to make the top 5 lightest gaming mouse of 2020. It has a rather unique honeycomb shell that is very attractive. It has Pixart’s PMW-3360 sensor that is arguably the best sensor for gaming. It also has an ascended cable that is super lightweight.

5:Cooler Master mm710

The cooler master mm710 weighs in at an average of 52 grams. As you have seen, it is one of the lightest gaming mice of 2020. It has an ultra-weave cable that is lightweight and a perforated honeycomb design that makes it very appealing to the eyes. When it comes to the sensor, it has a PixArt 3389 that gives you plenty of precision. To crown the specs, it has PTFE feet at the bottom that glide really swiftly to whatever direction you desire.


Lastly, to be a gaming legend you must step up and be smart about it. the best way to be a smart gamer is to use the lightest gaming  mouse of 2020 as reviewed in this article. Be a legend!


Arnold Bloom

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