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HP Gaming Laptop: HP OMEN 15 Notebooks More Compact And Powerful

hp gaming laptop

It has never been a better time for gamers, not only for the offer of games but also for the equipment and peripherals prepared to offer the best possible experience. At HP they have just announced the renewal of several products in their OMEN range, and the deployment in hp gaming laptop is certainly remarkable.

They highlight the new HP OMEN 15 that have 10th generation Intel processors but also the new AMD Ryzen 4000, and next to them comes an eye-catching HP Pavilion Gaming 16 and various peripherals such as mice, headphones, speakers and, by definition, the HP monitor X24c with a 1500R curvature.


The HP OMEN 15 in two powerful variants with the new Intel and AMD

The new HP OMEN 15 stands out for a sober design that departs from the aggressive lines of some gaming laptops. It could even go through a conventional work laptop if we see it closed – OMEN’s new diamond logo does stand out in that design – but things change when opened to display the screen.

At HP they boast of having achieved a significant reduction in the dimensions of the hp gaming laptop, which is 11% thinner (22.5 mm compared to 25 mm from the previous HP OMEN 15) without, for example, the connection ports being compromised.

When you open this hp gaming laptop you can see that keyboard with a ‘tenkeyless’ design and a customizable backlight (4 zones). The layout is inspired by desktop keyboards and the key travel is 1.5mm. The touchpad grows in size to improve the user experience.

The screen can be Full HD with a refresh rate of no less than 300 Hz or 4K UHD with support for not inconsiderable frequencies of 120 Hz. We can even opt for OLED panels, to which is added the possibility of connecting dual 5K monitors and up to three external monitors in total thanks to the USB-C and Mini Display Ports.

These teams have two major variants: one with 10th generation Intel H-family processors (up to a six-core Core i7), and another with AMD Ryzen 7 4000 H-series processors . In both cases with 45 W TDPs that make it clear that the commitment to power is evident.

hp gaming laptop

Accompanying them we will have graphics that can reach the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super with Max-Q design, in addition to SSDs that can even be double to increase storage capacity.

One section that HP has tried to take care of is that of refrigeration. OMEN Tempest Cooling technology is the protagonist here , and it has three pronounced air outlet zones and a heatpipe design that, according to HP, allows air flow to be increased by 62% while maintaining a very acceptable 39 dBA noise level.

An infrared sensor with a thermopile that also converts thermal energy into electrical energy also comes into action in this section, allowing precise management of dissipated temperatures to act accordingly.

This sensor is complemented by the OMEN Dynamic Power system to optimize performance without compromising components at any time. At HP they assure that thanks to this adjustment it is possible to achieve 7% more FPS in games like ‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’ or 13% FPS in ‘Far Cry 5’.

hp gaming laptop

The HP Pavilion Gaming 16 play, and a lot

Accompanying the OMEN 15 is an also surprising HP Pavilion Gaming 16 that curiously does not carry the nickname OMEN but does adopt a more aggressive design and type of equipment intended for gamers.

At HP they assure that they have managed to integrate a 16-inch screen into the chassis of a 15-inch computer, and they have achieved this thanks to the reduction of frames that, among other things, provides 7% more screen viewing area .

The IPS panel has a Full HD resolution, refresh rate of 144 Hz and maximum brightness of 300 nits, and the internal configuration stands out for the 10th generation Intel processors and for a dedicated graphics that can be the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q .

Hp gaming laptop with Monitors more curved than ever

hp gaming laptop

Lastly, the HP X24c was presented, a promising curved monitor in which HP first adopts the 1500R curvature (the 1800R was much more common until now), more aggressive and that makes the screen “wrap” the player a little more. .

The 24 inches of its diagonal seem to be a bit short, but here HP pointed out that if you wanted to make the most of that curvature, a good idea would be to combine two of these monitors .

That’s especially interesting considering that the side frames are minimal and therefore don’t pose too noticeable a physical separation in those multi-monitor setups.

These monitors support 144Hz refresh rates and are AMD FreeSync Premium certified. The monitor of this hp gaming laptop will be available in October 2020.

Gaming peripherals to complete the experience

This renewal of portable equipment does not come alone: ‚Äč‚Äčthere are several peripherals that HP has presented to accompany these proposals. First are the new OMEN Vector and Vector Essential mice.

Most notable is the HP OMEN Vector with an OMEN Radar 3 sensor, 99% accuracy of motion registration, resolution of up to 16,000 DPI, registration speed of 400 IPS (inch per second) and a weight system of up to 25 g that allow you to customize this section for advanced gamers. The OMEN Vector will be available this June, while the somewhat more basic Vector Essential will be available in July.

hp gaming laptop

Also coming are the HP OMEN Dyad Earbuds, the first headphones in this format to launch the HP market. They have dual-driver technology to improve sound quality during play. A series of rubbers is also present that allows them to be adjusted to different sizes inside the ear.

The flat cable prevents HP from tangling. And we have microphone and playback control in a small module built into that cable. They are available from today.

In these headphones, HP X1000 is added. It is a wireless gaming headset with up to 20 hours of autonomy and virtual 7.1 surround sound. It also has the integration of OMEN Audio Lab technology to adjust the levels to our liking. This model will be available in August 2020.

hp gaming laptop

We also have the option of using speakers. The HP Gaming Speakers X1000 have a peculiar polygonal design and come in a 2.1 configuration with a subwoofer.

We can control sections such as its backlight and of course the equalization from the OMEN Command Center. It has become a multidisciplinary application to parameterize the behavior of the different equipment and gaming peripherals from HP. This product will be available in August 2020.

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