Wild Symbols in Slot Machines Explained

Wild Symbols in Slot Machines Explained

Wild symbols are special symbols in slot games that substitute for other symbols. They help the player form winning combinations and achieve a win. They often show up on every spin, indicating their ability to participate in any combination with other symbols on the reels – join this site now.

Wilds usually don’t replace scatter symbols or bonus symbols. In some slot machines, the wild serves as the highest-paying symbol, but in others, it has no significant value.


How do they Work?

Wild symbols are represented by particular images from the slots theme or the word “wild” written in a specific colour or front.

Wilds can also substitute for missing symbols such as jackpot icons and scatters. They don’t substitute for bonus triggers like scatters because these trigger symbols don’t appear on all reels, and you must land them somewhere specific to receive a payout.

Types of Wilds

There are various types of wild symbols that work differently in slots. Some that you’ll encounter in the most online slot are Standard/Regular wilds, Multiplier wilds, Stacked wilds, Moving/shifting wilds and Sticky wilds.

·         Regular Wilds

Regular wilds appear randomly in base games when a player triggers a bonus feature. They can substitute standard symbols on the screen to form winning combinations.

However, they don’t always guarantee a winning line. In some cases, one wild might not take the required combination with other symbols on the reels.

·         Expanding wilds

As the name suggests, an Expanding Wild expands to cover the reels. You can also expect to receive free spins with this wild.

For example, in the starburst slot, if your spin reveals a wild, it will expand to cover the entire column. Starburst is an excellent example as it does not feature any bonus games.

If another wild symbol appears on any reel during the respin, you will be rewarded with another free spin. The columns with the wild symbols will still be held in place.

Expanding wilds are often the highest-paying ones in some games. You can receive big wins, especially if several reels are expanded for the free spins or free spins.

·         stacked wilds

Stacked wilds operate similarly to expanding wilds. The difference is that they stack vertically on the respective reel and not horizontally like expanding wilds.

·         Shifting wilds

Shifting wilds can move along the reels. They change their position with each spin. They can either show up on the fifth reel and move from right to left until they reach the first reel, or vice versa, starting from the first reel to the fifth reel.

Sometimes the wilds can appear on any reel, so if they appear on the second reel, they would shift right to the fifth or left to the first reel.

·         Sticky wilds

Sticky symbols are very similar to regular symbols. The difference is that they remain on the reels for the next spin. They mostly appear when a bonus feature is triggered. In some cases, they can appear in base games.

In conclusion, wild symbols are powerful tools for increasing your winning chances, so be on the lookout for them and see how they can help bestosrsguides. Now that you have a general understanding of these symbols, it would be best to try them out.

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