Will I be luckier if I play video slots in Ireland?

Will I be luckier if I play video slots in Ireland

Online casinos provide a tremendous list of games, including video slots. But then you may wonder if you will be luckier if you play video slots like Gaelic Luck In Ireland. People who don’t know much about slots tend to believe that winning them comes from luck and requires no skills. This is because slot machines are notorious for being random. But then there are a few things you should know that might give you an edge when playing video slots.


1.  Select your slot carefully

Besides choosing a slot game that has the themes, soundtracks, and symbols that you love, you need to equally make that choice for the RTP rate it has. RTP or (Return to Player) rates determine if more money gets to players at the end of the day. Always opt for games with higher RTP rates especially rates between 95-96%, although you can go a little lower, especially with high-variance games.

2.  Practice with free slot machines

Before playing real money slots, always try free slot machines. Take the time to get to understand that game and its features. You should especially concentrate on slots with bonus rounds, as they offer more chances to improve your skills.

3.  Take advantage of casino promotions

Online casinos and slot sites use attractive bonuses to grab the attention of new players. Generally, these free spins or bonus money are designed to make you spend more time on the slots. You can use them to your advantage to increase your chances of winning. That said, you should always have a determined goal on how much time and resources you want to spend, so you don’t get sucked into an unending maze.

4.  Video slots versus progressive slots

Always aim for smaller jackpots. Progressive slots might be more enticing with their massive jackpots, but the competition there is usually tremendously high. Instead, opt for video slots with lower payouts. In such video slots, you will be betting against a smaller number of players, giving you more chances of accumulating winnings. Hence, you can be luckier if you play video slots in Ireland as compared to progressive slots.

5.  Assess the paytable

Every slot comes with its distinct paytable. The paytable gives an idea of what symbols are worth and which symbols are the most profitable. The paytable will also let you know if your game has scatters, wild symbols, and bonus symbols.

6.  Decide your budget

Always have a plan for your money. Set that budget before you begin spinning. You shouldn’t also put all your money into a single spin. It is much better to calculate your bet size and see how much money you are willing to bet and how much you are willing not to lose to understand where you should end playing for the day. And when you reach that sum, stop playing. There’s no win after going above your budget that is worth it.

7.  Choose your slot sites with care

Always choose video slots in Ireland with caution. Your ideal slot website in Ireland must have a valid remote gambling license from UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) alongside other relevant licenses. This ensures that your video slots sites can offer fairer odds and a decent level of security.

Final thoughts

So, if you were wondering if you could be luckier if you play video slots in Ireland? The answer is Yes as long as you have a firm understanding of how to win your favorite slots. Always remember that slots are inherently random, but taking steps to manage and minimize losses will always give you better chances of winning in the long run.

Arnold Bloom

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