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What Happened To Apple Photo Print Products?

What Happened To Apple Photo Print Products

Did you know that Apple is the most valuable technology company in the world? Thanks to the MacBook and the iPhone, along with a few other supporting technologies, the company is worth more than $2 trillion.

And while it seems like the company moves from success to success, with the likes of iPods to iPhones to iPads, and clunk Apple computers to the sleek MacBook Pro and Air we know today, not everything the company does is a roaring success.

There used to be an Apple Photo Print Products service that made it simple for Apple users to have photos on their computers into physical prints.

But when did this service discontinue, and why? And what are the best alternatives to Apple photo books? Keep reading below to find out now.


What Was Apple Photo Products Services?

The printable photo service from Apple has been integrated into the iPhotos application on Mac computers since 2002. It’s been a staple in the photo printing world for Mac users.

It started out by offering photo prints, so you can stock up on your favorite digital photos without having to upload the files or bring a memory card to a photo lab.

Over the years, the service expanded to more than photo prints. Users were able to use the Apple photos app to create cards, custom calendars, photo albums, and photo books right from the app of their computer.

Apple fans loved that the shipment of their prints can in Apple-branded packaging, which was as slick as the boxes that MacBooks and iPhones come in.

The quality of the prints was top-notch. But they decided to discontinue the service.

After 16 years of offering printed products through the Apple interface, the final day you could place an order was September 30, 1028.

How to Print Photos from Apple

Apple no longer makes references to the printing service once offered through the photos app. However, they provide official recommendations on their website, and in the app, to third-party photo printing services.

So essentially, you can do the exact same thing, but the products aren’t printed and shipped by Apple, but by another company.

Fret not, however, as any company with official endorsements from Apple means that the quality of the end-product, plus the user experience, is going to be just as good as if it were from Apple.

Apple is a technology company, not a photo printing company. The shift away from printing their own photos showcases that they are 100% committed to creating the best possible technology without diluting their mission.

So what should you do if you want to print the photos you store on your MacBook? Use their printing partners, of course. Here are some of the most reliable services to use.


Motif is run by RR Donnely, which is the company that Apple partnered with when providing photo prints directly. This means you are basically getting the same exact product, but the separation creates more clarity.

To use Motif, you’ll download the extension from the Apple app store. And you aren’t limited to using just your computer, as the app is also available on iPhone and iPad.

It’s not the most versatile offering, as it doesn’t allow for nearly as much customization as some users want. But it does have a user-friendly interface, and lets you create calendars, cards, and photo books with ease.

And it features smart technology ensuring you choose the best images for your project. For example, many people will have multiple photos of the same subject. The app can automatically select the highest quality image based on factors like clarity and focus.


Mimeo is a popular app that makes it easy to purchase many different products. You get the typical photo prints, foldable cards, calendars, and books. But you can also print out wall art, soft and hardcover books, photo puzzles, blankets, ornaments, and more.

They take pride in the way they pack and ship their products, and the unboxing experience feels as special as the Apple unboxing experience, thanks to premium materials.

The app is available on Mac, iPad, and iPhone, as well as Android devices.


Whitewall is a high-quality option for those looking for photo print. They don’t offer cards, books, or anything else. It’s specifically for printing out decor for your walls.

There are numerous ways you can have your photo printed and displayed. For example, you can have your photo displayed under a layer of acrylic glass. You can have it printed on metal, or displayed in a sleek wood frame.

Or, if you want to fill your wall space, you can use one photo to create multiple wall panels.

Tips for Managing Photos on Mac

Even if Apple won’t print your photos for you, they still make it easy to store, organize, and enjoy your photos from anywhere. Using the Photos app can make life much easier for the casual or serious photographer.

For example, you can use the app to edit photos directly, enhance the color profiles, and rotate and crop them with ease. But make sure you only do this once.

It’s easy to upload duplicate photos, which can hog space and make your computer feel unorganized. Luckily, there are simple ways to merge photo libraries and remove duplicate images automatically.

Make sure you use the folders function to organize your photos. Most people do so by date, by month, or by year. But you can also organize them based on a specific event.

Or, if you have kids, you can organize photos by age. This makes it very easy to refer back to the Photos app to find specific photos in seconds rather than hours. Apple photo scanning also recognizes faces and can automatically organize photos based on who is in them.

Make the Most of Your Images

Even though the Apple photo printing service is long gone, using the Apple Photos app still makes the most sense for Apple users. Thanks to simple third-party apps, you can still create high-quality printed products using your photos, right from your computer. No uploading is necessary.

Looking for more tips on making the most of your photography? Visit our blog now to find other helpful articles.

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