The Best Advice About Engagement Rings You Could Ever Get

The Best Advice About Engagement Rings You Could Ever Get

Do you hear the wedding bells ringing? Well, you may hear the advice pouring in too! Advice from your friends, family, neighbours, and pretty much anybody who has heard about your wedding.

So, you are left scratching your head over all the proposal and wedding tips. You are watching videos of ways to propose, and your friends may share shopping links for engagement rings. Hence, you are here, looking for simple advice or perhaps a checklist to ensure that you buy the engagement ring that feels right.

This post is the best advice about engagement rings you could ever get. Now, no more going over the redundant tips; read on for the straightforward ones!


Setting a Budget

You would have heard that you should spend about two or three months of your salary on an engagement ring. Well, this advice is nothing more than a social construct. You may spend a little less on your engagement ring and more on other wedding costs.

Certain wedding guides emphasise the fact that the price of your engagement band holds great significance. However, you may want to skip this part and go for the ring that appeals to you instead of following the ‘rules.’

Look at the pointers below to know what you can do instead.

  • Take a look at your financial statements
  • Analyse your wedding expenses
  • Set a budget for your engagement ring

Does Your Significant Other Have Something in Mind?

Has your partner mentioned a specific type of ring they may prefer? Perhaps, they may have seen a ring from a celebrity engagement or in a friend’s group and awed at its finesse. You would have indeed taken a mental note.

Now, it’s time to bring back the memory and remember the design. Was it a gold ring or a platinum one? What was the shape of the diamond? Did it have anything in particular that stood out to your partner?

Answering these questions could help you surprise your significant other with their desired ring.

The Most Crucial Aspect: Ring Size

Another crucial aspect you would consider is the ring size. But, how will you get the right size without giving away the big surprise?

Consider sneaking in one of your partner’s rings to reference the ring size. Moreover, be careful and ensure that your partner doesn’t notice the missing ring. So, you need to escalate the plan as quickly as possible.

Choosing the Metal

Shuffling between the array of choices for engagement rings, you would look for durability, too, right? The metal you choose for the engagement ring would determine its durability. Moreover, it complements the style and appeal of the ring.

Now, you may be left wondering how to choose the metal that instils both these qualities. This is simple; you can observe the jewellery choices of your partner.

If they wear silver jewellery more often, choose white gold. If they like to try different colours and experiment with abundant styles, go for rose gold.

Alternatively, if platinum crosses your mind, you should consider that it requires heavy maintenance. So, white gold could be a better and less-expensive option.

Note: 14K gold is the most popular choice as it is durable and as appealing as 18K gold.

Wrapping Up

Selecting a wedding ring tends to open numerous factors for you to consider, overwhelming you to choose the ‘right ring.’

Acknowledging this struggle, the best advice is not to go for the most expensive ring or the one with a bigger diamond. Buying an engagement ring is also an intimate journey you take on. So, knowing what you and your partner prefer plays a pivotal role in helping you buy an engagement ring.

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