Why You Should Switch to Bamboo-Made Clothing

Why You Should Switch to Bamboo-Made Clothing

A bamboo tree can grow up to 1.4 m per day, making it one of the fastest-growing flora on the planet. It matures until three years of lengthening and doesn’t need the help of any fertilizers or chemicals as it intrinsically contains antimicrobial agents that work against bacteria and fungi.

Due to innovations and developments globally, this wonder plant has become a source of sustainable fabric, which can be used to manufacture bamboo women’s clothing. By going through different types of production, the bamboo cellulose or pulp can be processed into fibres that can be spun then dyed to become sturdy, breathable fabric.

Besides its traditional uses as decorations and material for paper-making, using bamboo as a textile alternative shows the ingenuity and advancement of our society. You can enjoy multiple benefits when purchasing and wearing bamboo clothing. Here are some of them:

It is Better for the Environment

Harvesting bamboos by cutting off their towering stalks isn’t something to worry about because it can naturally grow back within a year. Furthermore, it marks a massive difference from timber or cotton, which requires replanting after every harvest and uses extensive chemical spraying and water irrigation to achieve optimal growth.

The bamboo trees can absorb more carbon dioxide (CO2) from the environment and, in turn, release up to 35% more oxygen (O2) in the air than any other natural resource. They are also entirely biodegradable, so disposing of them after their full utilization will leave no ecological footprint behind.

The Fabric is Just Soft to Touch.

Studies have concluded that bamboo fabric is softer than cotton. Moreover, the fibre is widely known to bring out a natural silk-like luxurious shine and texture responsible for its rising popularity today.

The smooth structure of every bamboo fibre is perfect for bamboo women’s clothing as it is also responsible for its hypoallergenic properties. From the cultivation of bamboo to the production of its fibres, harmful chemical substances are not used, which also adds to its allergen-free characteristic.

The fibres Keep You Fresh.

Bamboo fibres are covered with microscopic gaps in their structure, providing extensive breathability. It provides ventilation to the skin while also repelling any moisture or water that may come across the fabric. Researchers have concluded that it allows for more absorption than cotton to let your body breathe naturally. In addition, it pulls sweat away from the skin, which makes it perfect to be worn out on sunny days and workouts.

On the other hand, bamboo fabric provides insulation and heat regulation to keep you warm in cold weather. Wearing bamboo clothing adds a layer of protection against chills or a cold breeze. Also, people worrying about their body odours can wear bamboo clothing as it kills the bacteria causing odours.

The fibres Protect You from the Sun Rays.

Bamboo fibre cuts out up to 98% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Although the sun’s radiation is a source for the synthesis of Vitamin D in the body, too much exposure can be hazardous. Long sun exposures can cause eye and skin damage, leading to premature aging and even skin cancer.

Thus, it is best to protect yourself by wearing apparel made from bamboo every single time you go out in the sun, especially during the summer. Wearing sunscreen and minimizing your sun exposure on hot days will also help.

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