Top 6 Tips to Design an Immersive eCommerce Homepage

Top 6 Tips to Design an Immersive eCommerce Homepage

At Least 25% of first-time buyers usually rely upon the home page of an eCommerce page while shopping. The home page of your eCommerce has a much effective impact on the buying behavior of your customer. Thus if you are thinking of creating a useful and highly credible site to target a large customer base with better revenue, then creating an immersive eCommerce homepage is of crucial importance. The ecommerce Web Design Sydney can help you in better ways to create a much immersive eCommerce Home page. Here are some tips on how do you design a much impressive eCommerce homepage to target better sales and to impress your customers:

  • Consider adding a prominent search box along with the autocomplete feature:

An eCommerce site without a search box is simply incomplete. As your user explores the homepage, they are more likely going to look for the search box to make their searching easier. Adding a search bar to the homepage area can increase the conversion rate up to 50%. Thus make sure the search bar is there for an immersive design. Display a very clear search box quite prominently. Test it from multiple positions with various sizes to see which one comes with better results. Adding the intelligent autocomplete to the search feature also works as the best way to drive more conversion to your business by choosing best web design agency.

  • Try to highlight the special offers:

Most online shoppers usually show more interest in the discounted items. Thus it is simply a best practice for the homepage area to feature the discounted section quite properly. Many popular sites show the special offers in a much-highlighted way which drives more sales. For example, Fab shows all the discounted products in a much prominent way with effective navigation, which helps to drive more sales.

  • Consider featuring the popular items:

Featuring the popular items clearly on your homepage area can also improve the decision-making of a customer. Displaying the top most popular products can help you with a better conversion rate. You can consider conducting A/B tests to determine which product can improve the conversion rate in a much effective way. Also, you can use your homepage area to display trending products. For example, Amazon comes with a dedicated area to show what the other customers are looking for right now.

  • Display social media icons:

One of the best ways to get more sales to your business is social sharing. Usually, customers like to share those products with their family and friends, which they like the most. Thus your home page area should include the social sharing features with the social media button placements. Keeping the “social proof” concept in mind, it is important to make things easier for your customers to help them find the right value for your site. At the same time, it will encourage social sharing, which is simply a great way to get more sales.

  • Display the trust seals

When it comes to enhancing the reliability of your site, the trust seals or the badges play a much greater role. It helps in winning the confidence of the customers. At the same time, it serves more reliability about the payment and site security. Especially if you are starting as a new one, then showing the trust seal on your homepage will help in building more trust and credibility. Make sure you are adding a credible trust badge that your users can easily recognize.

  • Feature the seasonal items and the new arrivals prominently:

Customers usually look for those items which are perfect for the season. Hence to boost the sales of the seasonal items, it is important to prominently show the seasonal items on your home page area. Keeping an area dedicated to displaying the seasonal items and the new arrivals will be the best idea to let people know what the most exclusive collections are. Hence the home page area design needs to have the proper projection of the seasonal items to help your user access the fresh arrivals.


As the homepage area of your eCommerce site plays an integral role in deciding the conversion rate of your site, it is important to pay more attention to its design. Make sure you work with the best SEO company to develop a website with the right strategies and practices for SEO. Adding more functionality to the homepage can enhance your sales strategically. At the same time, it is crucial to make sure that your homepage area is highly responsive.


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