What are the terms to get exposed to before playing slot games?

What are the terms to get exposed to before playing slot games

Slot games could seem simple. Although they are, it would be better to get exposed to the terminology of the slot world before stepping into a game.

Bet – For the casino to let you play a slot game, you should provide a certain amount as chips or coins to the slot machine. However, you will get this amount back when you win the game. It is known as the bet amount.

Pay line – You will notice a horizontal line or several such lines standing over the rotating reels when you witness a physical slot machine. However, the same concept would be there in a digital slot game also. But you could not see the line itself. Instead, you will witness the characters that come under this pay line on your screen. You can consider the pay line as the indication line below which the winning characters would come. If the character you guessed comes up below the pay line when the reels stop rotating, you would win. Sometimes, the slot machines would contain several pay lines. In such cases, you should choose any one of them to check the winning combination. All other pay lines would be ignored when you select a single pay line.

Slot theme – As the slot games are having a similar pattern on their background, casinos found them boring to attract new players. To bring new customers to the slot games, they have started using a particular pattern on the slot machines and ensured that the pattern is popular among the players. For instance, it could be a movie theme where all the characters and animations would showcase that movie. These patterns are known as slot themes.

Jackpot – There is a variety of slots named progressive slot game where your winning amount will not be the same. If it is $100 at an instant, it would have become $125 after a few minutes. This ever-increasing winning amount present in a progressive slot game is known as the Jackpot. Since it is enormous for a winning amount, you would have to wait for a long time to get the right character.

243 ways – It is a new variation of the slot game. However, you will get the chance of winning the payout amount even at times when the adjacent characters of the reels are the same instead of the characters of the same row.

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