Student startups that thrive

Student startups that thrive

The education system went through a lot of changes in 2020. The pandemic hit the sector, which forced schools’ shutdown, and the introduction of online learning got introduced overnight. Due to this, there was a high demand for digitization of the education system, and the making of such products skyrocketed. A lot of institutions started investing in technology startups. Companies that provide platforms for distant communication and cheap essays for sale services are in high demand.

Numerous startups could help the learners adjust the way they learn, and each has got its unique approach in the world of education. Here are some of the tech startups that thrive in 2021.


It is a startup that transforms the English language and how it gets learned through virtual reality. Language learning and virtual reality infuse themselves to come up with this product. It allows the students to practice their skills in the language administered through the learning experiences they have in class. It comes with the VR headset, and students utilize avatars in communicating with each other and then practice their mastery of the English language through a wide range of themes and topics. The program got launched back in 2017. It has already completed the first phase of the investment round.

Kide Science

The Startup was founded back in 2017 by an entrepreneur, researcher, and science teacher. The learning model comprises a story, play, science skills, and imagination for a good experience. It got aimed at kids between the age of 3 and 8. The Startup also offers playful science lessons, has an online platform, and guidance in line with a video for both teachers and parents.

ABA English

Long before the pandemic height and education shifted to online learning, aBA English led to the English language’s digital learning. It got founded in the 80s, and the primary focus has been on video lessons, which has evolved with the rise in technology which their focus must be the very edge of learning the language. The application combines human interactions, video-based methodology, and technology with the Tutors and certified teachers to bolster the students’ English.


These startups make it easier and safer for students to connect. It got founded back in 2015, and the main aim was to boost social inclusion in colleges and universities by making it safer and more accessible for the students to connect and bolster their friendships. The application helps the students break the ice using a chatbot that comes up with opportunities to boost one-to-one chats and supports group conversations. The students can also find other individuals that have common interests or hobbies in their groups. Teachers can also utilize it to build communities and an informal communication line with the students.


It is an ed-tech startup targeting college and university students and offers an unlimited service subscription for texts in the academic line. The organization works hand-in-hand with publishers to give sustainable and affordable access to various and ensures that each student is comfortable with the pricing in the list. It recently got named the fastest growing Startup in Britain and has since won an award in 2020. The product also helps students a lot during the pandemic since they can connect and read all the books they get assigned to their teachers.

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