6 Tips for Making the Best Kratom Tea Ever

6 Tips for Making the Best Kratom Tea Ever

Do you enjoy drinking and making kratom tea?

Kratom is one of the latest trends in recreational and analgesic substances. Despite its newness to the market, kratom is already making its way around the world. In the US alone, around 10 to 15 million people are kratom users.

Making kratom tea is one of the best ways to consume kratom. In the guide below, we have six tips that you can use for making kratom tea taste good. Keep reading to learn new techniques in kratom consumption that you’ll enjoy.


1. Consider Variety When Making Kratom Tea

Variety is the secret to never getting bored with what you love doing. Variety is the spice of your kratom consumption and life, too. Whenever you’re making kratom tea from leaves, try different preparation methods.

Another tip is to find two to five different kratom strains that you like and to rotate between them. You can rotate the blends two to five times a week or use different strains every week. You can also try rotating your kratom blend every two or three days.

This constant rotation won’t only keep your taste buds from getting bored with a favorite strain. It can also keep you from tolerating or getting used to the strain. Try to avoid consistency in your use of kratom strains.

Think of drinking kratom like you are listening to your favorite song. If you listen to your favorite song too many times in a day, each day, you’ll lose interest in it after a short while. You will start looking for a new favorite song to listen to 24/7, and then the cycle will continue.

You don’t want to do the same thing with kratom. Kratom is not like the billions of produced songs in the world. Kratom is more limited, so it’s better to be wise about how you consume kratom tea.

2. Improve the Flavor With Sweeteners or Ice

Whether you are a fan of sweet tea or cold beverages, another kratom tip is to add sweeteners and ice. Instead of creating the usual kratom tea with a bitter taste, mask the flavor by adding a sweetener.

This is a smart choice, especially if you’re making concentrated kratom tea. You won’t need to endure the bitterness anymore if you dislike it.
The other half of this tip is to add ice.

This applies well in the summer or when the climate is warm. Instead of making kratom tea, you can add the ice twist and create kratom iced tea. You never know, but this may be your new favorite way of preparing kratom.

It’s important to remember that kratom has a limited shelf life. If you want to keep the potency of your kratom, try to consume it before it reaches two months of age on your shelf. Learn more about the shelf life of kratom now.

3. Add New Flavors From Acidic Fruits

As you know, kratom contains alkaloids. These alkaloids contain nitrogen, which degenerates after long periods of storage. These alkaloid compounds may also degenerate when kratom gets exposed to high temperatures.

As a result, this creates a less potent kratom brew. As a tip, when you’re making kratom tea, try adding acidic fruits. Such fruits may include:

  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Oranges
  • Tangerines
  • Grapefruits; and more

Lemons are the most popular add-on fruits for tea drinkers. Yet, why stop there? Don’t be afraid to experiment with your kratom brew.

If it’s difficult for you to find such fruits created to make juices, try buying concentrates instead. Another acidic non-fruit alternative is apple cider vinegar.

The acidic juice will buffer the reaction that breaks down the alkaloid compounds. This helps freshen up your kratom tea again. Plus, it provides a new and distinct flavor to your brew.

4. Avoid Boiling Water and Use Hot Water Instead

Do you often find yourself making kratom tea from powder? Do you often boil the water before you mix it with the kratom powder? If so, you’re likely doing yourself a disfavor.

Did you know that the alkaloids in kratom contain are stable at high temperatures? This means that you don’t need to boil the kratom powder or leaf in the pot. You also don’t need to use boiling water to create your kratom tea.

Adding boiling water can destroy the alkaloids. This nullifies the beneficial effects of kratom, and you’d drink bitter tea for no reason. If you prefer boiling your tea water, give it some time to cool down before adding the kratom powder.

5. Thorough Stirring Is the Secret to a Smooth Tea

Some benefits of kratom include pain relief, libido enhancement, and mood-boosting effects. It can also help you get through your opioid addiction as a treatment for it. These health benefits are why kratom became the ancient Asian natural home remedy.

The benefit of having commercial kratom tea available to worldwide users is that it’s more convenient. It also gives more accessibility to those who live in places where kratom trees can’t grow. Most modern kratom blends are the result of kratom powder added to water.

The tricky part about making tea with kratom powder is that you may forego thorough stirring. This can leave lumps of powder and create a dissatisfying experience. Stir the powder with a matcha tea whisk to create a smooth tea.

6. Dilute the Taste With More Water

If you don’t like the intense bitter flavor of kratom, then add more water. You can still get the same effects by keeping the usual dose. The only thing you need to do is to add more water.

However, this may be more difficult since you’d have a larger volume of tea to drink. If you like drinking kratom tea multiple times a day, you can distribute this mixture to last the whole day. Plus, it’ll have a less intense taste, which you’ll enjoy.

Create the Best Kratom Tea With These Tips

Now you know some essential secrets of making kratom tea that will suit your taste. We hope you enjoyed learning these kratom-making secrets with us. If you want to learn more about kratom, check out our other guides today.

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