Should you buy an electric fireplace?

Electric Fireplace
Electric Fireplace

The home is the heart of the home, but not every home has a home. This is where the electric fireplace comes in, providing the cozy comfort of a fireplace without requiring, you know, the installation of the fireplace. Still, they are not for everyone.


The advantages of electrical fireplaces

For homeowners who want to avoid the required maintenance of a real wood-burning fireplace, an electric fireplace can be a cozy addition to almost any room. Since electric fireplaces don’t burn wood or use gas, installation is simple and can range in size from a hanging LED TV to a complete unit that looks like a complete fireplace installation, mantle, and all. For many homeowners, and perhaps especially condo owners and apartment dwellers, electric fireplaces are worth having, but there are some downsides.

The disadvantage of electrical fireplaces

Those trying to find their fireplace to heat their homes within the dark of winter are going to be disappointed.  Electric fireplaces don’t give off enough heat to heat a room, especially not a larger living room. If you’re looking for a way to keep a large space warm, an electric fireplace won’t always work. Also, unlike a wood-burning fireplace, an electric fireplace will not heat your home in the event of a power outage.

The aesthetics of an electric fireplace can also leave something to be desired. Fake flames will be acceptable to some, but possibly not to purists. The good news is that advancements in recent years have made flames seem more compelling, but still, some electronic fireplaces are better than others. Definitely do your research.

Is an electrical Fireplace Right For You?

First, shop around online and then go see one for yourself in a showroom if you can. Determine what size you want, where your electric fireplace would go in your home, and ask what you want from it. Esthetic? Hot? Both?

Are electrical fireplaces safe?

Most electric fireplaces are relatively easy to install and only require a simple plug to start working. And when it comes to safety, most electric fireplaces automatically shut off if they are tipped over or dropped. Also, the power supplied to an electric fireplace is generally limited to the same heating standards as electric heaters, which are safe for all standard household wall outlets, wiring, and fuse boxes (don’t forget to schedule an electrical inspection of the fireplace). Like most space heaters, make sure it is unplugged when not in use and let it cool after you are done enjoying the environment.

For those looking for the cozy view of a few burning logs, an electric fireplace can work, and in almost any room in the house. The simple “plug and play” nature of electric fireplaces is certainly tempting, and this alone makes it worthwhile for some.

If you want to know if your electrical system can handle your preferred model of electric fireplace, or you need to repair an outlet so you can plug in your new electric fireplace with confidence, make an appointment with MagikFlame today.

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