Buying a hearing aid – what should you pay attention to?

Buying a hearing aid

We need to know our needs

The first step in purchasing a hearing aid is a hearing test conducted by an experienced hearing care professional. Sound evaluation is a subjective experience, so cooperation with a hearing care professional is essential if you want to buy a hearing aid that will serve you for many years. Many people find it difficult to be honest about their hearing problems and minimize hearing loss, but doing so leads to even more significant damage. Buying a wrongly selected hearing aid will not significantly improve our situation, but it can also reduce the quality of life. Impaired hearing negatively affects the desire to be in the company of friends, and it makes it challenging to enjoy movies, music, or go to the theater. The elderly are particularly vulnerable to these changes, as hearing impairment increases the risk of dementia.

Which parameters are the most important when it comes to hearing aid?

Internet access has made obtaining information from the manufacturer or customer feedback quick and hassle-free. The most important parameters of the hearing aid are:

– processor power – responsible for operating the device;

– number of channels, noise reduction, and feedback reduction systems – these factors improve the quality of the sound that reaches our ears;

– number of acoustic programs, automated functions – which will ensure better adjustment to our needs;

– weight;

– operating time on a single charge.

Choosing a specific hearing aid model

The number of hearing aids on the market makes it challenging to make a quick decision. The price range of devices, which includes models costing from PLN 1000 to PLN 10000 can be equally troublesome. Once again, it is essential to emphasize the importance of cooperation with a hearing care professional, who will be able to recommend a hearing aid with the most satisfactory work profile for us. Naturally, the device will not always be able to meet all our requirements – e.g., small size, discretion – but we must be ready for some concessions. Health, including mental health, is much more valuable than aesthetic values.

At the same time, it cannot be denied that modern hearing aids are much better than models from ten or twenty years ago. We can buy hearing aids that are waterproof, equipped with Bluetooth or induction technology, and even hearing aids that can be connected to other sound receivers without significant problems. You can also choose a hearing aid model operated via the telephone, thanks to which we can adjust the operating profile to our current needs with one finger movement. For active people who are used to using smartphones, such solutions will make the hearing aid almost imperceptible.

Arnold Bloom

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