Boss Babe: 5 Essential Things You Need to Start a Home Based Business

Boss Babe 5 Essential Things You Need to Start a Home Based Business

The dream of most boss babes is to start a home business. What could be more empowering than being your own boss and working primarily from home?

There are a few hiccups along the way for some of us, though. In large part, we wonder what we need to have inside the home in order to work from home. We’re going to look at some of the home office essentials you’ll need to run your home-based business like a boss babe.

Hopefully, the ideas below demystify some of the challenges that you might be worried about. Let’s get started.


1. Powerful Internet

Depending on the nature of your business, you might need a lot more bandwidth and speed than you currently have at home. Talking with a CenturyLink Authorized Sales Agent is a smart move, as they’ll inform you on the gear you need to run your business without any connectivity issues.

There’s nothing worse than working through a project on the cloud, and losing it all when your service disconnects and you haven’t saved it.

2. Intentional Space

The next thing to work out is where you’ll be working. It’s possible to work from your couch or your bed as all of the “work from home” marketing pitches suggest.

That said, it’s hard to do a lot of work in those areas. If your back doesn’t give out from hunching, you’ll find multi-purpose areas are hard to focus in. Try to carve out a home office that’s a dedicated workspace.

Doing so makes it easy to write your business expenses off on taxes, too.

3. Effective Technology

In almost all cases, you’ll need a good computer. Your old dinosaur might not cut it with all of the things you’ll need to do.

So, invest in a new desktop or laptop that will serve your purposes. One beautiful thing is that you can write all or part of that expense off on your taxes so long as you use the device primarily for work.

You might need to update your phone as well, depending on your line of work.

4. Useful Software

Any business niche is host to thousands of different platforms and services that makes things easier. Whether you need new software to do your creative visual work or you’re looking for a place that aids you through tax season, it’s wise to get the help.

There’s a reason that different memberships cost a little extra, and that reason is that they help you cut stress, produce quality work, and save a lot of money.

5. Outside Help

The myth of “doing it yourself” is one that needs to go away. Sure, there are lots of things you can do alone to make yourself feel accomplished. That shouldn’t be the case when it comes to business, though.

Ask for help, and pay for it if you need to. The more hands you get on the difficult or confusing parts of this process, the easier the work will be.

Are You Refining Your Boss Babe Status?

If you’re working your way toward being a boss babe who runs her own home business, we applaud you. There’s a lot to learn, though. We’re here to help.

Explore our site for more ideas on ways to be your own boss, start a business, and work from home.

Arnold Bloom

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