The Complete Wilder World Guide

The Complete Wilder World Guide

The digital asset space has seen so many projects in the last couple of years that it can be hard to keep up with all the announcements. But one that has really caught everyone’s attention is Wilder World. This metaverse project that’s focused on the NFT sector seeks to develop a decentralized platform for both artists and creators.

In this guide, we’re going to provide all the information that you know to understand precisely what Wilder World is, the current and future features, and how you can get involved.


What Are NFTs?

First of all, you need to understand what non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are. The NFT is a unique type of digital asset. Unlike fungible tokens, such as Ethereum, you’re not able to replace or change an NFT. So, if you were to borrow, say Bitcoin, then that’s what you would return, but it could be any Bitcoin, not the specific one that you borrowed.

But that’s not the case for non-fungible tokens. Because these are unique assets, you would need to return the exact one that you borrowed. In the world of NFT, it’s all about rarity and unique products.

What Is a Metaverse?

A metaverse is a new type of technology that provides a sense of reality in which there is an opportunity to meet other real users within the platform. More often than not, metaverses combine several different technologies, and that might include both virtual and augmented reality.

Right now, there is a tremendous amount of excitement around the possibilities and potential of metaverses, particularly from social media companies such as Facebook.

What Is Wilder World?

Wilder World aims to provide a decentralized platform for both artists and creators. That means that it would give access to a range of tools to enable the creators to show of their products.

The aspirations of Wilder World include developing a community-based platform that then opens the possibility of developing cities for users to explore.

The first city that’s been developed was named, Wiami, and it should then be no surprise that it is very similar to Miami! The development team leveraged both Ethereum and ZERO technology to enable the city to be developed on blockchain.

Wilder Word also has a number of games that enable users to play with the potential for earning money. With the growing popularity and high demand for play-to-earn games, it’s no surprise that the designers decided to head in this direction.

What Is Wilder Wheels?

Wilder Wheels is a game within Wiami that allows you to race against other users to earn rewards. The game is powered by the $WILD token, which is the native token of the metaverse. And if you don’t have a car, no problem, you can simply rent someone else’s for a fixed period of time.

How Wilder World Metaverse Works

We’ve already discussed that NFTs power Wilder World to provide it with a seamless platform to work from. But there are also elements that are key to the successful running of the metaverse.

NFTs Within Wilder World

The metaverse has some fantastic 3D artworks that are traded as NFTs to enable users to earn money. As a result, Wilder World has attracted not only creators but also art collectors. With collectors always favoring rarer pieces, the world of NFTs is the perfect environment for them to trade in.

The Artist Guild

With Wilder World aspiring to bring people together, then the Artist Guild provides the perfect platform for creatives to meet. This, in turn, leads to collaborations and the sharing of ideas to develop future projects.


This is your opportunity to purchase real estate within the Wilder World of Wiami. Qube, for example, is a real estate release that is made up of 108 unique and luxury NFT condos that reach up to 38 floors. With their sleek polished stainless-steel construction, it’s easy to see their appeal!

Air Wild

With 99 unique digital kicks up for grabs combined with their dynamic gameplay abilities, it’s no surprise that these NFTs have become hugely desirable. Each pair is procedurally generated with 1 of 1 NFTs and various rarity levels.


One of the issues associated with NFT marketplaces is that they are based on centralized systems, and that then means that there is a central body that controls the operation.

Wilder World decided upon a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that allows both sellers and buyers to complete transactions through the community-based platform.


One of the significant problems within the NFT sector is the ongoing challenge of liquidity. Wilder World sees the growing number of artwork collectors attracted to their platform as being the way in which they can avoid these issues.

How To Get Started

Right now, the metaverse is still under development, and that then means that many of the features being discussed have not yet been made available.

However, it’s still possible to purchase the $WILD token while it’s under development. To do this, you’ll need to register with an exchange that supports it and then provide the funds to make the purchase. Don’t forget to check the fees before setting up an account; some exchanges are much more expensive than others.

With everything set up, then you can make the purchase of your $WILD coin. Once this is done, then you can transfer your coin to your preferred wallet.


It’s important to remember that Wilder World is still under construction, so before you get too excited about some of the features, do make sure that it’s been released first. We’re confident that competing metaverses will be launched in the near future, but right now, Wilder World is way ahead of its competitors within this exciting new world.

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