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Best Wireless Keyboard And Mouse India In 2020.

best keyboard and mouse india

In this day and age, technology has developed so far that we don’t need to worry about hassles of cables and getting tangles in them. If you’re from India, you can easily buy these Best Wireless Keyboard and mouse India from any good tech shop or you can also order them online.

Lets review them. For me Best Wireless Keyboard and mouse India are no doubt the gaming keyboard and mouse by Corsair. Corsair has always kept the preference of their customers as their top priority and that is exactly what that makes their products unique and loved by their users.

Read about best wireless keyboard gaming here in this article. Let’s discuss best wireless mouse in the article down below.


Best Wireless Keyboard and mouse India: Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE

The new Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE is a mouse for gamers that confirms that playing without cables and sufficient autonomy is not at odds with the freedom of leaving the connection cables with the PC and top-level performance.

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE Datasheet

CONNECTIVITY USB-A 2.0 // Bluetooth 4.2 // 2.4 GHz Slipstream
SENSOR Optical (Pixart PAW3392)
DPI 100 to 18,000 in 1 dpi steps
BUTTONS 8 (programmable by software)
ERGONOMICS For right-handed
WEIGHT 133 g
MEASUREMENTS 127.0 x 89.0 x 43.0 mm
PRICE 109.99 euros

Three ways of connecting the mouse with the PC

From the datasheet of the new Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro (the SE version that we have tested adds wireless charging we must stop at the two characteristics that make this mouse a real option for those who want to completely leave out the cables in their mice. The technology of this new Corsair mouse seeks the performance of wired but wireless mice, with a latency of less than 1 ms

First of all, we have Corsair’s Slipstream wireless technology, announced less than a year ago and which, using the 2.4 GHz radio frequency, adds a proprietary Corsair layer that improves latency (in this model it is less than 1 ms) at the same time as the consumption of the peripheral. Also, the range, up to 10 meters, is remarkable.

It is not the only way we can connect the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro with the PC. We can also do it by cable, which is included in the box, as well as low-latency Bluetooth.

Another technical feature that Corsair has taken special care of in this wireless mouse is the Hyper-Polling technology. The new Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro communicates with the PC with a speed of up to 2,000 Hz (polling rate), double the usual in this range of gaming mice. By default, it is marked at that 1000 Hz, so it must be modified via software. If we do so, we will achieve a theoretical latency of only 0.5 ms.

This increase in the frequency with which the mouse communicates with the computer to know its position joins the 18,000 DPI in a wireless mode that the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro supports thanks to its customized PixArt PAW3392 optical sensor, which has also been optimized to reduce its consumption and supports modifying it in resolution steps of only 1 DPI. This sensor allows movement with a speed of up to 10 m / s and acceleration of 50G.

Ergonomics and function

The ergonomics of the mouse is very good and not very marked. It is not particularly tall or large, so it adjusts quite well to a wide profile of player (and hands), allowing without major problems types of palm or claw grip after a period of adaptation. But this assessment will always depend on the tastes of each user. The Corsair mouse has been designed for right-handers, but with height and size that supports palm or claw grip player profiles

The choice of connectivity type as well as turning the mouse on and off have been brought together in a single three-position slider located next to the optical sensor at the bottom of the mouse. As for the charging port or for the cable connection, there is a USB-C port on the front that allows a wired use without problems.Slider to turn on / off the mouse as well as change connection with the PC

Corsair gaming mouse performance

We checked the polling rate, a specification that for a wireless gaming mouse is key. We used the Enotus Mouse Test software, which gave us practically 2000 Hz data, which is an excellent figure, difficult to achieve even for wired mice. Other tests such as Zowie de Benq corroborated those excellent figures.

Another performance test with this software provides us with information on its sensitivity and speed , where the results were also expected for a gaming device of this level. In this regard the new Cordair meets outstanding.

Corsair gaming mouse autonomy and charging

Being a wireless gaming mouse, its battery life is important. The brand specifies a range of 50 hours of continuous use, but this is the estimate when we have the energy saving mode activated. Good for when we are not playing and looking for maximum mouse performance.

Charging is done via USB-C cable with a front connection that allows you to continue using the mouse while charging. Logically, the level of freedom of not having cables is not the same. The good thing is that the loading is very fast. Front USB-C face port allows you to continue using the mouse while charging, something it does very quickly

Operation configuration and customization

The market for gaming mice is the one that gets the most out of the software associated with these peripherals. Corsair bases the configuration on its iCue software, one of the most complete on the market. Among the available sections, there is no lack of the general one for the basic options of the mouse or the update of the same. Any aspect of the Corsair mouse is detailed in the iCue software

The 8 programmable buttons are configured in the Actions tab, where in addition to granting functions to each button individually, by profile and even depending on which application we are using, the player can create and modify macros completely. It also supports remapping.

One of the most complete controls is the sensitivity control, and it can have various profiles that can be selected with the buttons that we indicate and with associated lighting for quick recognition. Those DPI values ​​can be modified in steps of 1 DPI as well as modified by axes, both X and Y.

The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE mouse supports storing up to three profiles in its internal memory, so we can take configurations with us and not depend on having the software installed and our active account to use them.

An area where, if we want, we can spend a lot of time configuring the mouse will be the one dedicated to the immense dynamic RGB mouse backlight. There we can modify and assign different lighting effects to profiles and options for the nine LED zones with more than 16 million colors available. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, lighting helps us to know at a glance the configuration and profiles that we have active at all times.


After a first and great complete Dark Core RGB, Corsair repeats the idea with its new Pro model: get the maximum possible performance and low latency without cables in a gaming mouse.

And the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE , with a very comfortable design and quality details, has picked up the baton based on a 2000 Hz polling-rate , up to 8 programmable buttons and a sensitivity of up to 18000 dpi. All of your operation management, including 9-zone LED lighting, goes through iCue, one of the most comprehensive customization solutions on the market today. And all in an interesting price range even for the model with wireless charging.

Thus we can say that Corsair gaming keyboard and mouse are Best Wireless Keyboard and mouse India.


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