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It arrived in 2015 and since then it has been positioned as the best ‘Call of Duty’ for Xbox One users thanks to its 7.37 million copies sold, despite the fact that the criticism received it with some lukewarmness. ‘Black Ops III’ was an evolutionary step in the franchise where the futuristic and technological plot is once again present. The approach was extremely risky but the fans appreciated it, and here we can highlight from the zombie mode to the unstoppable action. download call of duty 3 highly compressed for pc in just 20Mbs from above Download button.

Set in a dire and dark 2065, the futuristic plot of ‘Call of Duty Black Ops 3 highly compressed’ once again stresses the importance of technology when it comes to manufacturing new weapons, combat vehicles or robots, but also modifying the own human beings to turn them into supersoldiers. A practice that includes the use of bionic prostheses, as well as implants capable of interconnecting consciousness and creating hive minds. For the good and, especially in this case, for the bad.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 highly compressed. An engaging, twisted, strange story … and awkwardly narrated

If I had to tell you by heart what I understood from the story of ‘Call of Duty Black ops 3 for pc ‘, I would release a gibberish here. To do it well, you would have to enter the databases that the game makes available to you on your terminals to document me thoroughly since neither the video scenes nor the development of the action gets you to know perfectly what is happening. At first, everything seems simple enough, but as one progresses the story twists more and more and the brain ends up disconnecting.

I’m not saying this to apologize for not explaining what the game is about with a little more concreteness, but to make clear one of the problems that continue to drag the saga and, in general, many of the current action games: the story may not be the most important thing in them, and in fact on many occasions, it is directly bad and/or dispensable, but it is that he has not come up with the ideal formula to narrate it in these cases. With everything and with that I must admit that the one of ‘Call of Duty Black Ops 3 highly compressed ‘ has twists as crazy as shocking that I liked a lot, despite its clumsiness.

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The most important thing about this installment campaign, however, is that it can be played cooperatively. Not because the experience is ideal, which is not, as I will tell you a little later, but because that decision has been the one that has completely conditioned the level design. Gone is that of going from hall to hall through a predetermined route that makes the shift script jump at the right time. Let no one misunderstand me: of course, there are spectacular moments in the ‘Call of Duty Black Ops 3 highly compressed’ house brand, but here most of the shootings can be carried out in several different ways on open levels.

The cooperative brings a new level design

Having at your fingertips 21 different increases, each with its effects, it is a pity that the thing has not given more of itself. The scenarios are vast and the enemies very numerous, the cores could have been used much better. Basically, because the bad guys come out everywhere and the strategy to follow is no longer to stay at one point, annihilate three or four enemies and advance to the next cover. Now it is about seeing where it is better to attack since we will have various routes and possibilities, and make use of both our weapons and the abilities that the nuclei provide.

And yes, for the first time in the saga the figure of the final boss is introduced as such. There are levels in which we must eliminate large robots that also have two or three attack patterns. They are easy to eliminate from the strategic point of view (lower their defenses and launch missile, there is not much more mystery), but very hard to crack if we talk about the amount of lead that we must download on them. Not to mention those moments in which two or three mechanical brutes appear in a row accompanied by dozens of crazed robots. Of course, the game leaves us with some truly wild and memorable battles.

In addition to these large spawns, there is another type of enemy with armor capable of absorbing bullets and more bullets like a sponge in a river. A heavy guy who in the company of other players can be fun to shoot down, but who alone becomes a real nuisance that the only thing he achieves is to keep you entertained more than necessary, slowing down the progress of the action. It is a somewhat risky design decision that, as I said before, is given by the possibility of playing the game cooperatively.

What is more, fun to play with friends than solo? Absolutely. Which directly affects, and not for good precisely, in the way of managing scripts and spectacular moments: if a partner reaches a checkpoint, the following sequence will be started, which for the rest of the group can mean jumps in the game. It’s what we feared: if you want to experience it all with the epic spectacular that is so characteristic of the saga, you’d better play it solo first. You will have time to go back to your colleagues.

Ah yes, Treyarch has had some time left and he has given up doing two different campaigns. When you finish the story, a new option will open in the menu called Nightmares. What the studio has done there is replace the usual enemies with zombies, arrange the missions in a different order than the main story, and tell something new from another point of view. That includes new lines of dialogue and the inclusion of some of the zombie mode mechanics in this second campaign. Stunning.

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