Being Responsibly Armed: The Different Types of Holsters, Explained

Being Responsibly Armed The Different Types of Holsters Explained

According to the surveys, about half of Americans favor strict gun laws. If you plan to own firearms, you need a license to carry them. Responsible gun ownership starts with getting a permit, safety training, and a background check.

Proper maintenance and gun holster matter so you can be safe in carrying the weapon. However, there are many types of holsters with different uses. So, which one should you own?

Do you want to know how to choose a holster fit for your weapon? There are different types of holsters that you need to know. Read what we have below and get the best gun waistband for you.


Shoulder Holster

One of the famous types of holsters because you see it in movies and other TV shows. Designed to hang around the shoulder, it creates a pocket for guns to hang. When using this holster, you need to wear a jacket on top of it.

Inside and Outside Waistband Holster

This holster is the best gun waistband that fits handguns with a smaller profile. It helps you carry a firearm and place it inside or outside the waistband. Tulster contour fits a gun and an extra magazine in one holster.

Paddle Holster

If you want a holster with a flexible mechanism, you need a paddle holster. It has a convenient design, and you can remove or attach the holster to your waist anytime.

Belt Holster

Belt holsters guarantees to stay secure when you’re in close action struggles. You won’t have to worry about your gun falling off and not concealing it.

Ankle Holster

Out of the many types of holsters, ankle holsters are the easiest to conceal. It’s best for carrying concealed guns because you can’t use large-caliber handguns. Also, you need to wear pants large enough to hide the ankle firearm.

Thigh Holster

The best concealed carry holster for women is thigh holsters. Strap the holster to your thigh and wear a skirt or dress to hide the gun.

A thigh holster risks slippage if carrying a large caliber handgun. When using thigh holsters, consider using guns with a smaller profile.

Belly Band Holster

Wear your holster above the waist and use a belly band holster. Your clothes will help hide the holster as you wear clothes over it.

Bra Holsters

Another gun holster best used by women is the bra holster. It concealed carry by using guns with a smaller profile without getting in the way of the underwear.

Pocket Holster

You don’t see small guns every day, but these are the best firearms to use because they fit your pocket. Pocket holsters promote user safety while staying concealed. The holsters protect the trigger, lowering the chances of misfiring in your pocket.

Also, the design conceals itself in your pocket so no one can notice it. That means few gun prints and better concealment.

Know the Types of Holsters Today

Different types of holsters mean different ways to conceal guns. When choosing a gun holster, choose the one that feels natural to your body.

Do you want to learn more about carrying concealed guns? Check our other articles and learn more today!

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