Tips for Storing Seasonal Items

Digging out decorations can be a chaotic mess when the holidays come around. However, having a way to store your seasonal items neatly and organized can help bring down the chaos and make the whole process easier. When storing your seasonal belongings, you will want to stay organized to quickly find what you need when you need it without hassle. Below, you will find a list of ways to store your seasonal items to make it easier each time the holidays come around.


The Right Storage


A storage unit is a perfect way to store seasonal decor, especially if you lack attic space or a garage. Medium storage units are ideal for seasonal belongings because they give just enough space to store your items while allowing you to see everything you have. When looking for a storage unit, you will want to look for something near your home that has easy access throughout the year so you can reach decorations and other items all year round.

All About Totes

Boxes can be a hassle to work with when storing your seasonal belongings, not to mention the smell they can cause your items to have. When keeping your seasonal things, think of plastic totes. You can choose from many varieties, from clear to color-coordinated. For example, if you want to store Christmas decorations easily, you can get green and red totes to color coordinate Christmas. Another great option is with clear plastic totes. This way, you can label the top of the tote and easily see what is inside, knowing which tote to pull that season.

Making a List

When storing your seasonal items, make a list of the things you need, so you go to your unit with a plan. When you have a list of the items you need, it can make them easier to find. This is also a great way to go through your seasonal decor simultaneously. For example, if you find that time and time again, you are skipping over a specific set of candles that season, it may be time to get rid of them.

Organizing Your Space

The organization is key to storing any item, and seasonal belongings are no exception. Decide which items only come out once a year and which come out more often and separate the two. Storing seasonal belongings like your clothes can be a great way to make wardrobe changes through the year, so you will want to set those totes apart from your Easter decor. Keeping these things separate will keep you organized to take inventory of everything you have and not lose any of your items.

Throwing it Out

After each season is over and you’re packing up your stuff, make sure you go through it and get rid of the things you didn’t use that year. With the season and holiday changes, you may notice that there are items that you repeatedly didn’t use, which takes up valuable space in your unit. Going through your things makes more space for you to stay organized and keep your storage space tidy.

Labeling Everything

Whether you decide to use totes or boxes, make sure you label everything. Keep each season separated and label each box, so you know what to expect when you open it. This can be extremely helpful for clothes, especially when storing clothes for kids. Label these boxes by season and size to know what will fit and what won’t, and what you need to bring out with the season changes.

Making the Most of Your Storage

By following the tips above, you can find the proper storage unit and make the most of your storage by keeping it neat and organized. This will help keep the chaos of season changes to a minimum and make life easier for every holiday. Make sure to use the proper bins or boxes and label each one. Following these tips will make the season changes stress-free.

Arnold Bloom

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