Where To Buy Custom Folders for Your Accounting Office

Office supplies include stationery, envelopes, folders, and equipment. Offices benefit from using professional office supplies for essential tasks. Equipment such as staplers, hole punchers, and printers saves employees time. And using printed office supplies ensures your office exudes professionalism and impresses clients.

Accounting offices employ certified professional accountants (CPAs) and administrative assistants. These professionals may handle accounting tasks for multiple clients or a select number of large businesses. Their duties involve maintaining financial records, reconciling reports, and preparing tax forms. Accounting offices use office supplies daily. Let’s look at the accountants’ stationery supplies and where to buy custom folders and other stationery products.

What types of stationery supplies do accountants use?

Accountants use various stationery products to perform tasks. Custom folders are ideal for accountants because they look professional and make it easy to keep documents together. When accountants complete tax forms, they can use the folder pockets to secure the forms for their clients. Custom folders have the business’s name and contact information printed on the folder. Many accountants invest in printed business cards, enabling them to provide their contact information to potential and current clients. Since custom folders have business card slits where the accountant can place their business card, it’s easy for clients to locate their contact information for future services.


Accountants may prepare business or personal income tax filings for clients. Once completed, they may use tax envelopes to secure and mail the tax return documents. Alternatively, they may supply tax envelopes to clients with their tax return documents, enabling them to send their tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Accounting offices can opt for envelopes that allow the recipient’s address to be written on the front or attached with a label. There are also envelopes with windows designed to work with tax software programs, allowing a printed page inside the envelope to display the recipient’s address.

Accountants may prepare tax documents, such as W-2 forms for employees. The W-2 form indicates how much money an employee earned and income tax was withheld. W-2 forms also indicate how much social security and Medicare tax was deducted from the employee’s salary.

Accounting offices may invest in several other stationery products, including letterhead stationery, envelopes, calendars, checks, brochures, magnets, and pens. Calendars, magnets, and pens can be used to promote services. You may invest in holiday greeting cards as part of your customer retention strategy. Diaries and planners are also handy tools accountants use to schedule client services and monitor filing deadlines.

Where can accounting offices buy custom folders and other stationery products?

Online stationery stores make it easy to acquire professional stationery products. Stationery companies offer professional printing services, enabling you to enjoy the convenience of producing custom packaging and stationery without leaving your office.

Your online stationery company offers various premium paper options in different weights, ensuring you can find the right paper for your stationery needs. You can choose between printed, foil-stamped, and embossed products. These options allow you to customize folders and other products.


Using an online stationery company allows you to move some crucial tasks offsite. Suppose you’re producing a promotional catalog or a company newsletter and want to distribute these materials to hundreds of people. You can hire an online stationery company to complete your direct mailing on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about addressing and stuffing envelopes.

One of the benefits of using an online printer is that you can manage orders from any location with internet access. Once you create an account, you can place orders and pay for them online. You can also call the company and work with one of their representatives to place complex orders.

Accounting offices use various stationery products, including custom folders, envelopes, and tax forms. Professional printing companies make it easy to buy these supplies online.

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