5 Ways You Can Give Back to the Community

5 Ways You Can Give Back to the Community

Around 25% of Americans volunteer and give back to their local community by donating their time.

Contribution is one of the most worthwhile values a person can have. It is necessary to lead a meaningful life. And time is the most precious commodity of all so it is the best gift you can give to your community.

Not everyone is so fortunate to have time to spare, but don’t worry. There are tons of ways you can help others.

Want to choose the best way for you to give back? Here are some ideas to get you started.


1. Pick Up Litter

There are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic waste in the oceans and around 15% of that washes up on beaches. The world has huge sewage and waste problems and you can donate your time to help.

Every time you head to the beach, collect at least five pieces of litter to dispose of in a responsible way. Or every time you leave your house, collect at least one piece of litter to throw in a nearby trash can.

Every little act of kindness helps.

2. Donate Unloved Items

Do you always throw your unwanted items in the trash or sell them online? You could give back by donating your unloved items to charities.

Donate your clothes to thrift stores and useful tools and kitchenware to refugee organizations. Homeless charities often need tech items and animal shelters need blankets and bedding.

3. Give Blood and Plasma

It might not have occurred to you before now, but giving blood is a fantastic way to help your local community. Others need it to survive and chances are, you have plenty to spare.

Set up a blood drive in your office building or sign up with your local hospital to see if you are eligible to give.

4. Make a Monetary Donation

Many people might think donating money is a “lazy” way to give back. But the truth is that money makes the world go around. And that $10, $100, or more is far more worthwhile with a charity than sitting in your bank account.

Donating money to food banks is also more worthwhile than giving food. People who work at food banks have connections with wholesalers to buy food cheaper than most average people. So, your dollars can help even more people!

5. Volunteer at an Organization

There are tons of volunteer opportunities with plenty of great organizations. So, if you have it to spare, volunteer your time to help your local community. You could teach life skills, help at a shelter, food bank, or soup kitchen.

And if you are struggling to find ways to give back to your local community, there are plenty of other places that need your help. Volunteer in Fiji, South Africa, or even Costa Rica if you are passionate about environmental causes.

Give Back and Find Meaning

Volunteering your resources is one of the best things you can do as a citizen of your hometown and the world. When you give back, you can help others while helping yourself at the same time. Win-win!

Want more inspiration on ways to fill your time? Browse our business and health articles for tons of guides that will help you find purpose!

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