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Major leaky basement issues and what you should do to resolve them

water in basement

Got a leaky basement? Basement dampness is a common issue. In fact, basements are dark and moist places yet dampness in the basement is bad news. Even small hint of dampness can cause big problems. Right from structural destruction to dangerous mold growth, basement moisture can cause primary problems in your house. So, what are the causes of basement moisture and how can you resolve them?

Interior water leak

Well, you need to inspect the area of the leak to identify the cause of dampness in the basement. It can occur because of several reasons’ dishwasher, washing machine, toilet, bad pipe, improper drainage or more. However, it is important to find the location first.

How to fix it: Contact CDL Newcastle Plumbing services to help locate and repair the interior leak. Once you are rid of the cause, clean up the remaining water and the source of the dampness and it will go back to normal.

Ineffective grading

Rain or groundwater can cause poor grading and make way into the basement. The floor around your foundation should always slope out of the house and not towards it. If the draining takes place in the wrong direction, water will collect against your foundation. 

How to fix it: Create dirt around your foundation make a slope aiming out of the house. It should be at least 1 inch per foot for a minimum of 6ft.

Inefficient gutters and downspouts

The goal of gutters and downspouts is to channelize rainwater away from your foundation. If they aren’t working properly, then the water will get directed towards the foundation. As water drains towards the house and collects near the foundation, it will enter inside the basement.

How to fix it: Add gutters wherever necessary. Make sure at least one downspout is sited every 50 ft. of the eave’s trough. The downspouts should be at a distance of 4ft from the foundation. The gutters should be cleaned properly. You can also call experts for sewer inspection in Seattle for affordable and reliable sewer line replacement service.

Foundation cracks

If you have cracks in your foundation, then water will enter your basement. The floor joints may not be correctly connected to the foundation which makes the wall move and causes cracks. Water can be the reason for cracks in the foundation along with improper drainage in the soil. If water isn’t channelized away from the foundation, it collects against the walls creating pressure leading to cracks. 

How to fix it: It is important to find out the reason for the crack to resolve the issue. If hydrostatic pressure is the reason for cracks, then you should get your exterior drainage repaired. If structural issues have caused the crack, then you should seal the gap perfectly. In order to prevent the issue from arising, it is important to hire a waterproofing contractor to inspect the cause and suggest the remedy.

Waterproofing Toronto is in good practice here because of the frequent issues of a basement leak, foundation crack etc. Waterproofing PD offers the best exterior and interior basement waterproofing solutions, repair services, basement underpinning services and sump pump installation and more. Hire them to inspect your property now for any leak and get it repaired instantly.

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