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The Do’s and Don’ts of Roofing Insurance Claims for Storm Damage

The Do's and Don'ts of Roofing Insurance Claims for Storm Damage

When Dorothy’s house blew away in Wizard of Oz, we enjoyed watching it, but dealing with storms in real life is never as fun. Although some might compare insurance paperwork to the journey to Oz!

Storms happen all across the country. Some storms come in seasons and some can pop up out of nowhere. Your roof takes a beating so you want to know what to do when making roofing insurance claims for storm damage.

Here is a quick list of do’s and don’ts to guide you in this process.


Do Know Your Coverage

Make sure you are up to date on the specifics of your housing coverage. Some insurers have separate deductibles for wind and hail that apply to roof damage. The best time to decide about your coverage is before you need it.

Roof insurance claims can be a highly stressful time. You may have less coverage than you need. Ask your agent how an insurance claim for roof damage works. Take the time to think through the details before a storm hits.In this case ,it is a good option to contact claims adjuster companies for highest claim valuation.

Don’t Skip Your Deductible

Insurance fraud costs everyone who pays for insurance between $400-$700 per year in additional premiums. Many people don’t realize that if they don’t pay their deductible because their roofer offered a “deal,” that is fraud.

Some roofers offer to pay you an “advertising fee” for putting their sign in your year. Other roofers will “forget” to collect the final payment. This is illegal and can carry serious penalties for them and you.

If a roofer offers a deal like this, you may want to consider getting a different roofer due to their lack of ethics.

Do Get a Partner for Roofing Insurance Claims for Storm Damage

If there has been a storm with hail, make sure you get checked for roof storm damage. You don’t want to assume everything is fine by just looking up at your roof yourself.

Have a roofing expert come and inspect your roof. They will be able to assess the roofing storm damage insurance claims available to you.

Most roofing companies will navigate the entire insurance process for roof damage with you. You want someone who will help you with the details of how to replace your roof.

Don’t Get Just Anyone Who Knocks

Sometimes when storms hit an area, storm chasers appear in neighborhoods. These are people who travel around to storm areas and often take advantage of unsuspecting people or the elderly.

Make sure any person who knocks on your door is reputable and local. You want a company to be there if you have any problems with the warranty in the future.

A Stress-Free Roof of Protection

When you are confident in your coverage and have a plan for any storm damage, you don’t have to stress about your roof. Roofing insurance claims for storm damage don’t have to worry you anymore.

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