Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 4 specs – All you need to know .

PS 4


Sony has become one of the biggest gaming companies over a period of time. With the passage of time , as the advancements in technology ,gaming companies bring their innovations forward. Xbox is the brought by Microsoft and PlayStation is the effort by Sony. The Xbox 360 and the Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) are two of the most sold units for game lovers throughout the world. DIFFERENCES  All the PS4 is higher configured and released much later than the Xbox 360, the Xbox still holds its appeal and is loved by all.

If you are a game-lover , you must have used play station and Xbox . Here in this blog check out the difference between PS 4 and XBOX 360 .
PS 4
Both of them are fun to use and advanced with a bit of difference. You can select which suits you the most, there are no more reasons to select x box over p s 4 but that it has a lot of games as compared to p s 4 . 

P S 4 has over hundreds of games but x box contains almost thousands of them.

The Xbox 360 is DLNA certified, but the P S 4 is not . Also The number of exclusive games for Xbox 360 can be counted to 80, whereas that of PS4 will not exceed 10. The form factor is also a section where Xbox 360 beats the PS4, being much thinner than the PS4!
Here is what Xbox look like

One other feature in PS4 is that it allows replacing hard drives regardless of XBOX .
Playstation provides a 8GB RAM as compared to Xbox which features 0.5 GB .
Video streaming can also be done by PS 4 but Xbox doesnt support this.

The new 3D tech is supported in PS 4 , a wifi connection and wireless accessories are also supported by it . Whereas Xbox has no such featuure.

Considering all the above , sony PS 4 is highly recommended

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