Why Should I Prefer Dew VPN over Others?

Why Should I Prefer Dew VPN over Others

If you are wandering here and there in search of an ideal VPN and have found Dew VPN on your app store or play store, then there is no need to search further because you have reached the destination that will benefit you with the best of its high-quality services as it provides easy and free access to the internet and site browsing. In other words, it shares its users’ burden and helps them release their stress with the most convenient services that allow them to focus on their tasks efficiently. Scroll ahead to know why a user must priorities the Dew VPN over the others!


1. Zero Logging-More Privacy

Zero logging means the Dew VPN will never require the login details that help identify the user’s Identity. So you are free to do online what you want to without any fear of being caught. In this way, it wins the trust and the hearts of its users.

2. Unlimited Bandwidth

The maximum range and amount of the data that an Internet connection provides are known as the bandwidth. And no doubt if you are using a WiFi connection then a point will reach after which you can not use the Internet further or will become unable to explore the sites. But with the free VPN, you can expand the bandwidth of your Internet connection for unlimited browsing.

3. No Need to Register Yourself

Before signing in to the services of the Dew VPN, you do not have to register yourself as it does not demand any information like a Gmail account or passwords, etc. that increases the risk of hacking the data.

4. No DNS Leakage

Dew VPN provides complete protection to the DNS Leak as it gives end-to-end encrypted DNS that does not allow the requests of the DNS to be opened to the ISP.

5. Enjoy Split Tunneling

In Dew VPN, you are not restricted to connect all your applications to use under the command of the Dew VPN, but you are free to join some apps with the network and keep other apps away from it under the control of the local network connection.

6. Free to Connect With the Feasible Device

It has a user-friendly network connection as you are not bound to connect it only with your PC. You can get the services on your mobile devices and laptops too.

7. Global Access to the Internet and Content

With Dew VPN, you can overcome the geographical boundaries as it has thousands of servers in almost 50 countries. With the help of this, you can approach and get convenient access to the blocked sites and applications and the features of the particular application that are not available in your area.

8. Excellent Speed

Dew VPN has a 1Gbit connection speed that is enough to enjoy the extra-fast browsing experience on the Internet.

Sounds amazing!

Bottom Line

Although you are a free VPN user, if you are not using the services of Dew VPN, then you are still under security risks. It has a free peer-to-peer community connection where a single user can help others by using free unlimited internet. Download the app now and enjoy what you want to do!

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