5 diamond bracelet ideas for Gay couples in London

Coloured diamond bracelet

The legalization of same sex marriages has not only brought about recognition and acceptance of gay people but has also opened up an avenue for the jewellery industry to cater to a new customer base. Several jewellery companies have taken the effort to do research about the style and preferences of gay couples and have come up with several new jewellery designs to satiate their tastes. Today, the market is flooded with jewellery designs for gay couple which include rings, earrings and bracelets. Let’s take a look at the 5 popular diamond bracelets for gay couples.

Cuff bangle bracelet

A cuff bangle bracelet is much like a bangle with one opening. It is a solid piece of metal jewellery which goes around your wrist but does not have a clasp or closure. The open ends are used to adjust the bracelet on to your wrist. This style of bracelet is quite common with gay men and can be studded with diamonds or have carved designs which hold meaning.

Diamond tennis bracelet

The diamonds tennis bracelets from the Hatton Garden Jewellers have been a popular jewellery choice since a long time and remain one of the most preferred jewellery choice even today. Their simple and elegant design make them versatile jewellery items that goes along with anything. Diamonds tennis bracelets are usually made of a row of round diamonds in a platinum or white gold setting. However, newer designs which include square shaped diamonds and brown diamonds in rose gold setting have a slight masculine touch in order to cater to the gay men.

Coloured diamond bracelet

The rainbow colours are known to represent the LGBTQ community and hence coloured diamonds are most preferred when it comes to making bracelets for the people belonging to the LGBTQ community. Coloured diamond bracelets contain coloured diamonds of the VBGYOR range which can be set in platinum, sterling silver, white gold, rose gold or yellow gold. These rainbow coloured diamonds are by far the most popular bracelets among the LGBTQ people.

Stacked bracelet

Stacked bracelets consists of a few bracelets stacked together on the wrist. This style has been quite popular among people of all sexes. Stacking bracelets together gives you a unique style where you can choose which bracelets you want to pair together. You can wear your diamond tennis bracelets and coloured diamond bracelets by stacking it up together to make it an attractive wrist accessory.

Chain bracelet/ Link bracelets

Chain bracelets are made of metal links connected together in a band which has a clasp closure. They can be worn as a plain metal bracelets or with charms hanging from it. One of the most well liked chain bracelet designs is the one having diamonds. The diamond can range from just one, which sits in the middle just like engagement rings London, or many which are studded into the metal links. These diamonds add a hint of sparkle to the elegant chain bracelets and make them stand out from others.

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