Why Is The iOS Emulator For PC Better Than The iOS Emulator For Android?

iOS Emulator For PC

With the help of an iOS emulator for PC and Android, you can use iOS applications on Android devices and your PC and enjoy the Apple environment without the need for hardware accessories. The ability to completely customize your devices is the reason why we all adore them. The Android and Windows operating system is more adaptable than iOS, allowing for any conceivable adjustments. If you become tired of the current theme for your phone, changing it is simple. To spice up your Android and Windows UI if you don’t like the pre-installed themes, visit Google PlayStore and download your preferred themes.

But, iOS emulator for PC is preferred over Android Emulator. This blog will focus on why and how iOS Emulator For PC is better than the iOS emulator for Android. Read-on!

iOS Emulators for PC

Initially, emulators were created so that programmers could test their programs and applications. These have the ability to run programs on a single or several operating systems, including iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android. The fact that these iPhone app emulators and iPad emulators for PC are free is their biggest feature. With the aid of the SDK, we can upgrade them. The ease of usage and installation of the iPhone app emulators makes them user-friendly.

Programs called iOS emulators allow iPhone hardware to be simulated on different operating systems. These emulators are frequently used to test iPhone apps on Mac or Windows PCs. Additionally, it makes it simple to run and test iOS apps on Windows computers or Mac computers.

Why should I use iOS Emulator for my PC?

Following are the reason why you should pick an iOS emulator for PC.

  • It has been simpler to play games that are only accessible for mobile phones or for iOS on numerous platforms.
  • By installing the emulator for a system, iOS emulator for Windows makes it simpler for consumers to utilize a variety of devices with different operating systems on a single device.
  • People sometimes gripe that certain programs operate slowly on their mobile phones yet quickly on their desktop or laptop computers. Therefore, you may use emulators to take advantage of your system’s design to prevent unwelcome latency for apps that demand expensive hardware.

Best iOS Emulators for PC

Read below to know more about iOS Emulators for PC.

  1. iPadian

As opposed to an emulator, iPadian is more of a simulator. In other words, it provides you with a taste of using iOS without really installing it locally on your device. The apps created specifically for iPadian can be used, but you cannot access the iOS app store. Facebook, Spotify, Tiktok, Instagram, WhatsApp, Crossy Road, and more services fall under this category. This program mimics the look and feel of iOS, but not its functionality or operational procedures. The user interface is uncluttered and uncluttered, and it uses less electricity. Therefore, it’s the best and most often used alternative for anyone who only wants to try out iOS on a Windows or Mac computer.

  1. Cornellium

Another iOS emulator for PCs is called Corellium, and security researchers typically utilize it to run a simulated iOS device inside of the browser. You are in good hands because Corellium’s creators were among the first jailbreakers of the iPhone.

Corellium was previously exclusively accessible to business customers, but now everyone may utilize the iOS virtualization tool. Since Corellium doesn’t want the tool to be misused, getting your hands on it might be challenging.

  1. Smartface

One of the greatest iOS emulators for PC, this one has a very user-friendly interface. Developers frequently use it to test the iOS apps they are producing. This needs connecting an Apple device running the Smartface software to a Windows computer running iTunes. Once everything is set up, you can start emulating and begin cross-platform programming with only a few clicks. It is furthermore regularly updated to reflect changes in operating systems. Smartface enables you to run some iOS apps in a browser if you don’t own an Apple device but still want to use them.

iOS Emulators for Android

90% of mobile phones, including Samsung,  LG, and Huawei models, run on Android. Due to their already heavy workloads, developers do not have the opportunity to evaluate the compatibility concerns of mobile app functionality, despite the market for mobile app development has had such remarkable growth.

In addition to time restrictions, there are issues with having enough resources available to evaluate every feature of various programs. As a result, the usage of emulators as a workaround to expedite and streamline the testing process has grown in popularity. You can mimic the actions of an iOS smartphone using these emulators without investing in additional hardware. Using an emulator, you can play games like Pokemon Go and PUBGon your PC. Additionally, it aids in the discovery of anomalous behavior by app developers when the apps are being tested.

Why Should I Use iOS Emulator For My Android Device?

The advantages of utilizing iOS emulators for Android are as follows:

  • You can accomplish two goals at once. With an iOS emulator for Android, you may continue using your Android device as normal without interfering with other apps and run Apple iOS apps without any problems.
  • It is less expensive to use an emulator than purchase an iPhone. Even an obsolete iPhone will set you back a lot of money and you might not get the most out of it because Apple products are pricey and costly. For instance, the most recent iPhone 13 will set you back more than $1,000.
  • Some will temporarily change the visual aesthetic of your Android smartphone, such as iOS launchers that mimic the iPhone UI.
  • Most of these emulators don’t consume a lot of storage space or put a lot of strain on the RAM. Your Android device won’t need to be significantly modified to support them.
  • You may access any iPhone app that is often blocked or incompatible with the Android operating system by using an iOS emulator for Android. An underappreciated advantage is being able to play iOS-only games on your Android mobile without having to shell out a lot of money for a new hardware.

Best iOS Emulators for Android

Read below to know more about iOS Emulators for Android.

  1. Appetizer

You may use an iOS emulator to run particular iOS applications on your smartphone using a web browser. It is a free online iOS emulator that you can use with both your browser and native mobile apps.

You get all the functionality you need to use your Android device with iOS apps. Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Samsung, and Google Pixel are a few of the popular Android handsets that support this emulator, among others.

The fact that Appetize iOS Emulator doesn’t require device rooting is by far its greatest benefit. Due to the fact that the emulator is cloud-based, all you really need is a solid web browser. With this configuration, you may use HTML5 and JavaScript to run any iOS app in your browser.

  1. IEMU Apple Emulator

One of the most dependable Android iOS emulators is IEMU Apple Emulator (also known as Padoid). As long as you have a strong internet connection, it is so effective that you can even run demanding iOS applications like games without experiencing any delays or buffering. The user-friendly interface of IEMU iOS Emulator is also adjusted to meet the specifications of any Android device you could be using. This Android iOS emulator works flawlessly on both rooted and non-rooted smartphones, which is a benefit. You may avoid the hassle of needing to risk bricking your phone by using this method.

98% of Android devices currently support the IEMU Apple Emulator, and the number of iOS apps that are compatible is steadily growing. It has a highly attractive, well-designed, and excellent application in mind, which enhances the user experience even more.

  1. Cider

Cider emulator is renowned for offering a fluid user interface. Because the emulator functions quickly and smoothly on smartphones, the user is spared from having to deal with software freezes, crashes, and delays. When you install or remove this emulator, the data on the device is not harmed. There is no threat from malware and virus assaults, and iOS applications may be used unrestrictedly. Launchers for iOS won’t be necessary.

LambdaTest as iOS Emulator for Android as well as PC

A cloud-based test automation platform named LambdaTest can simulate and imitate your software across many platforms and operating systems, including iPhone, iPad, and Android. You also have access to a variety of built-in development tools, such as session logs, automatic screenshot generation, real-time debugging, geolocation testing, and snapshot generation. Additionally, it offers a staggering selection of third-party connectors to enhance your productivity. To further assist you in understanding the platform, there is also a free guide where you can learn about it.


Unfortunately, the Android and Windows operating system is incompatible with the iOS software. You will need a reliable emulator to run iOS games on an Android phone, or you may install the iOS operating system separately on your smartphone to use iPhone applications.

Having a great emulator is much preferable to spending money on a costly iPhone in order to experience the UI. The easiest approach to use such device-restricted programs is via emulators. When you can utilize both Android and iOS applications on one device, you don’t have to make do with fewer apps.

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