Why don’t people send their children to government schools?

Why don't people send their children to government schools

There are two types of schools in India, private schools and government schools. The fees of private schools are very high, and government schools’ fees are very low, but why do people put their children in private schools, teachers, or even government schools and their children. Put it in a private school. If we can give good education to our children at less cost, then why do we spend so much by giving them pulses in private schools? There are many reasons for this, firstly our education system and secondly the thinking of our country, which thinks that if the child studies in private school only, he will be able to study well. But it is not his fault either because there are so many facilities in private schools these days. It has been said that anyone would like to provide such good facilities to their children and on the other hand, facilities work in government schools and people think that only poor children study in government schools.

Difference between Government Schools and Private schools:

Let’s compare private schools and government schools. There are a lot of such differences, like if we talk about facility and personality development, then private schools get 10 numbers out of 10 because private schools have those facilities. It is essential for the child’s personal growth. If we talk about the government schools, then there are not so many facilities where the personal development of the children is not given any attention at all. If we talk about studies, then the teachers of private schools would have their full attention on the children’s growth, they make every effort that the children should come well in every subject and a lot of things are used for studies in private schools like smart: classes, lectures from foreign teachers, educational trips, etc. If we talk about government school, then teachers ignore children, not on their studies and not on their personal growth, because of the beginning of mid-day meal in the government school. It was done so that children come to school on the pretext of food. Still, children go to school only to eat, apart from this they do not have any other purpose, the reason is the facility of the government school, the education system would have paid no attention to this thing at all.


Even after so many shortcomings, the recognition that the government school board has got is not for private schools, so for this, we should now focus on the growth and development of government schools. First of all, we need strict discipline in government schools so that teachers and children should be in discipline. Secondly, we need to pay attention to how education is going on in government schools and whether the teachers are teaching correctly. After this, we will have all those facilities in government schools already in private schools, so that poor children also get a good education. Instead of sending their children to private schools, all these things will have to be started by the teachers of government schools. You should study in a government school to see them and other people do the same thing; after this comes our government’s most essential and enormous responsibility. Our government should also make all the arrangements in the government school necessary for the children without increasing the school fees with the help of a fee management system or by using advanced fee management software. Government school is not for the children, but every child, and this is the need to raise the government school without harming any section so that the thinking of the people changes and the government schools also get a good education.

Arnold Bloom

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