Guide to Grow Instagram Business Account Organically in 2022

Guide to Grow Instagram Business Account Organically in 2022

If you are launching a brand (fashion, cosmetic, tech etc.) you need to promote it digitally. Not only a brand or a business but if you are an influencer, model or even an actor your social appearance is necessary these days. Not only for fun and entertainment but for your recognition, because in brands and the entertainment industry, work is where followers are! Here are the followers! Where? Instagram.

Instagram has emerged as a digital portfolio for brands and artists. Now, no one asks you for your written CV or website. You may ask website is also digital, so why Instagram? Let me tell you the gram craze has flourished in the market not only among youngsters but among every age group. Everyone uses it, it’s a huge marketplace.

How does Instagram work?

There are a thousand sources that can tell you the technique and procedure of the Instagram algorithm. I will not complicate you on that. It is the game of hashtags. We use hashtags on every platform Twitter, Facebook and everywhere, same is here on Instagram. You use hashtags to hack the Instagram algorithm.

How to do Instagram Hashtag Research?

Instagram hashtags are the vital step. Let us take the example of a beauty and fashion influencer to explain the concept. If you are a beauty and fashion influencer, you make an account on Instagram and posted a few pictures and videos of wearing different fashion brands. But how will people reach you? Conduct proper research relating the things and brands you are posting and promoting and which hashtag is being frequently used to be seen by people. Also, you need to constantly change the hashtags depending on their Instagram usage and which hashtag is trending in which time zone. Seems complicated? Nope! Not that much.

Why Organic Growth is necessary on Instagram?

Whether you are a social media influencer or a business, they deal everyone with as a brand on Instagram. So why struggle and complicated with Instagram Algorithm and all? You can simply boost your posts or run Instagram Ads!

Well! This might seem helpful if you are using Instagram for fun and entertainment. This can get you followers and likes tremendously. Okay! Now the game is over here. If you are a brand of education or fashion, both are separate niches (vertices). This is not helpful for you; you can gain followers but not the true audience.

Organic Instagram Growth Helps you to do Audience Profiling

When you start your own business or brand, you hire a digital marketer that helps you to understand your target audience. The same is the procedure on Instagram, only you know. your target audience and Instagram paid promotions cannot help you get your target audience and achieve your business goals.

Until now! You may have understood why Instagram and Instagram Organic growth is necessary. Here forwards we will see how to run an Instagram Business Account.

Why create Instagram Business Account?

Because it is the representation‌ earlier, the portfolio of your brand. As an employee get a job depending on his portfolio and testimonials, here on Instagram you get your sales if the audience accepts and approves your brand.

Essential things to consider in Instagram Business Account

  • Logo or Do

Like you post your selfie on your account, here on your Instagram business account you need to post your brand identity, or logo. A logo should have the selective color contrast that you will use forever for your brand.

  • Instagram Bio

Your bio should predict your brand goals and not your personal goals. It should be short, attractive and simple. Your email, website or contact info should be stated on your bio as well.

  • Instagram Posts

Your posts should be branded, and goals oriented. A good practice is to make your weekly Instagram content plan that should include; specific color contrasts, fonts and graphics for each day and occasion. Also, try to make a pleasant rhythm of images, reels and IG videos to improve the brand look.

  • Instagram Highlights

Make proper highlights that should contain highlight images of the same color contrasts as used in the logo. Be creative while naming highlights.

  • Instagram Stories

Add stories related to your niche daily and frequently and don’t forget to add your stories on highlights.

  • Typography

For posts containing written content, be very specific with the fonts and alignment of your text. You are representing your brand; any silly post can make a negative impact on your buyers and audience.

  • Hashtag Research

This is most important, as mentioned earlier, to do your complete hashtag research before posting anything. Try using different hashtags depending on their daily trend rate.

  • Pools and Questions

Use pools and questions on stories to engage your audience. Also, this is a good way to know your audience’s response.

  • Follow Hashtags daily

If you are a fashion brand, visit every hashtag related to your brand daily 2 to 3 times. Like, and comment on posts of others that follow your niche type. This will make you. account visible to other people on their account that may get interested in following and visiting your account.

  • Respond to every comment

While you post anything, always respond to comments with a pleasant tone, like Thank You for your valuable feedback.

  • Consistency

This is the super important thing in growing your Instagram business account. Every step explained here is not of the single-day procedure. Follow this over weeks, months and forever. The more persistent you are, the more you will get followers and buyers as well.

In a Nutshell

We have tried to cover everything that you will need to understand and follow on your road trip to grow followers of your Instagram business account organically. It depends on you whether you follow these steps by yourself as a startup owner or hire a social media manager for it. Wish you good luck with it!

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