What Are the Different Types of SEO Content That Exist Today?

What Are the Different Types of SEO Content That Exist Today

Over one billion people globally use Google every month. This means that out of all the other search engines, Google hosts 70% of the users in the market.

When a user searches for a product, business, or service on Google, the results depend on how related the businesses are to the content keyed in. That is why SEO is a vital element of digital marketing.

The visibility of your business depends on the quality of your SEO strategy. You can improve this by employing different SEO formats whenever you post your content. By understanding your target market, you can work towards increasing the accessibility of your business to clients with the different types of SEO content available today.

So, what types of SEO content do you need to post to help your clients find your business? Here are several SEO formats that you can apply to your SEO campaign.


1. Blog Posts

Blog posts make up a significant fraction of SEO marketing content that businesses use today. They are often short and catchy therefore attracting more readers. Blogging is, in fact, a great marketing technique.

You can optimize your blog content with specific keywords to match the words your target audience may use when searching for products and services. This improves your site’s ranking when viewers receive search results.

With the right anchor text ratios, you can ensure that your blog content is not flagged as spam on Google.

Remember to update your blog posts regularly and present killer content as this is crucial for SEO ranking.

2. Online Guides and Tutorials

This may be the best SEO content yet as it brings forth the most SEO benefits. Many people turn to search engines whenever they are trying to learn a new skill.

Add a few of these guides and tutorials to your site for a major SEO upgrade. Figure out what your target audience is trying to learn and make “how-to” guides on that.

3. Online Videos

Most users prefer receiving information through video. Additionally, video content makes up for over 75% of viewers in the online barter system. Assigning videos concurrently with your content allows you to reach higher targets as it helps raise your chances of visibility.

4. List Content

Like guideposts, list content is a favorite of users. Headlines that begin with a number list such as, “five ways to” or “nine types of,” are often easier for viewers to absorb. They are also very engaging and capture the attention of the audience.

Be sure to use odd numbers which are more appealing to users when listing these types of posts.

5. Visual Infographics

Not all viewers prefer reading their search results therefore to accommodate a wider share in your marketing industry, you need to incorporate infographics. This helps provide a visual appeal to your audience.

Use the Different Types of SEO Content

For any business with an online presence, innovative marketing means the application of the different types of SEO content available to improve online traffic to their site.

Be sure to explore the different types of SEO content as the list of opportunities is always growing!

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