7 Major Benefits of Renting a Shipping Container

7 Major Benefits of Renting a Shipping Container

Did you know that there are as many as 170 million shipping containers across the globe today? Shipping containers provide a ton of benefits to a wide variety of people, from the shipping industry to homeowners that are looking for more space for storage. While buying is nice, there are plenty of benefits of renting a shipping container for your needs.

You might be wondering, why rent? When it comes to storage solutions, most people are looking for a temporary fix rather than a permanent structure, which is one of the great advantages of renting vs buying.

If you’ve never thought about if you should buy vs rent a storage container for your storage solutions then you’re in luck. Today is the day that you’re going to learn all about the benefits of renting a shipping container for your home. Keep reading this article to learn more.


More Space

One of the most obvious benefits that you’ll gain when you choose to take advantage of the benefits of renting a shipping container is the amount of space that it opens up in your home and on your property. If you live in a smaller home and you find that you’re running out of storage for everyone’s things, you’ll need new storage solutions.

A shipping container provides a great deal of storage that will make your home feel much more open and a lot less cluttered. You can put any non-essential items that were in your home into the shipping container for temporary storage. Taking this approach allows you to have time to think about which things you’re okay with selling and which things you’d prefer to keep.

Move It With You

A huge benefit of renting a shipping container is that it is portable. Some types of storage are stuck where they are, which makes them useless if you find that you’d like to move to a new residence. You’ll find that moving with a portable shipping container in tow is a much easier task than moving everything out of a storage facility.

You can even use your shipping container as a primary container for moving your goods from your old home to the new one. You can load up your possessions into the shipping container and have the metal shipping containers towed to the new home before starting the unpacking process.

You’ll have an easy time moving your portable shipping container anywhere that you need it when you need it. It is one of the many advantages of renting a shipping container for storage purposes.

Someone Else Moves It for You

Something that would potentially hold up some renters when it comes to portable shipping containers is how you’d go about moving it. You wouldn’t need to worry about putting that burden on your shoulders. Make sure that you talk with the rental company when you choose to go with renting vs buying and they’ll let you know if they provide service to your area.

The same thing goes for when you decide to move. If the rental company serves the area that you’re moving to then they’ll be happy to move the portable storage container on your behalf. All you’ll need to do is provide them with the address and make an appointment for them to move the shipping container for you.

No Heavy Lifting

A big drawback to renting a moving truck when you decide to move to a new home is that you need to carry and lift things up into the moving truck. Storage containers provide the same great moving benefits but without the need to put your body in harm’s way. You can walk directly into the storage container instead of lifting or stepping up into it.

It is a much easier process to load up a shipping container that is on flat ground than using a ramp or a dolly to move heavy objects into a truck. There is no tripping risk and no risk of falling out of the back of the truck when you choose to go with the advantages of renting a shipping container.

Money Saver

When it comes to renting vs buying a shipping container, your best bet is to go with renting as it will help you save the most money. This is especially true when you decide to move to a new home as the container company will only charge you for moving the container, no matter how packed full it is.

One of the reasons that many people hate the process of moving is the stress that comes with it. You’re paying a lot of money to rent a moving truck and get done with everything before a certain deadline. If you choose to rent a shipping container then all of that stress goes out the window.

You can take your time because there is no deadline and no extra expenses. It will make your move memorable rather than experiencing a nightmare.

It’s Secure

You won’t find many other options short of a bank vault that are more secure than renting a shipping container for your storage solutions. Shipping containers are made of strong and sturdy steel. You’ll find that these storage solutions are weather-resistant, which is great for the valuables that you’re storing inside.

Your rented shipping container will have no problems standing up to heavy wind, rain, or snow when you’re using it. You’ll also have peace of mind that potential burglars won’t be able to gain access to your prized possessions. Shipping containers come with heavy-duty locks that are designed to keep unauthorized people out.

Explore the Benefits of Renting a Shipping Container

The benefits of renting a shipping container are many, and taking this route makes the most sense for many families that need more storage or an efficient way to move from one home to the next. Your prized possessions will be safe from burglars and severe weather, and you’ll get extra time to decide which of your belongings you’re ready to sell while cleaning your home.

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