Virtual Receptionist (Pricing & Selection Criteria)

Virtual Receptionist

A receptionist is a very crucial member of your company’s staff. Because your receptionist is frequently the first person a prospective customer would talk with when connecting with your company, you must choose someone who can represent your organization in the most positive light possible. The best approach to start interviewing for this position is to consider what your receptionist will perform as well as whether the virtual receptionist pricing is affordable for your company.

Receptionists in the 21st century usually process incoming contacts through the social media, online chat, and text messages and may have to work together as they did 20 years ago with your program.

How do you do a receptionist interview?

I’m assuming you know you need one and maybe you’ve already posted your job and started getting resumes and applications from there we can start chatting about how to look for the best skills from your receptionist.

Let’s start with the core hard skills to look for other than virtual receptionist pricing and questions to help you identify them also what you’re looking for from the responses. Following are the main points you should keep in your mind before conducting a receptionist interview.

Communication skills

Communication abilities are the first thing almost usually a receptionist is the first person to contact the new guides and your customers. So, they need to know how to get a clear point across they also need to work well internally with your team so ask them this what experience do you have that qualifies you for this position you’re looking for customer service hospitality service industry and previous receptionist work experience obviously pay attention for how friendly and engaging the person is the way they act now should give you some insight into the way they act towards your clients.

Time management

Receptionists handle a lot of tasks with varying levels of urgency and importance you need somebody who can dot every eye and cross while prioritizing what’s most important so ask them how did you manage time and scheduling in a previous position.

Software and your phone system

What you’re looking for is an effective system for organization and prioritization and that they’re comfortable using software if you use it in your business which brings us to software and applications as the next skill your receptionist will be using at least your software and your phone system you need them to know how to learn systems although it’s less important that they have actually used your specific software before

so ask them what software have you used in a previous position what you’re looking for here is spreadsheets and word processing scheduling software CRM or other client or lead management software and as a bonus, you could ask them how would you go about learning a new program.

Typing speed

Large amounts of typing a receptionist need to do in any given day they need to be able to type at least 40 to 60 words per minute so give them a speed test you can find one for free online but definitely let them know that this is coming so they’re not caught off guard Scott soft skills can be even more important than hard skills and far more difficult to determine.

Virtual receptionist pricing

Now on the basis of the above skills shortlist 3 to 5 virtual receptionists and negotiate further on the basis of virtual receptionist pricing ask them about the fee they will charge for their services and select the most suited to your budget with efficient working skills.

Concluding Remarks

As a backup, I propose using a virtual receptionist service like “Conversational.” Our professional receptionist can take calls, qualify new leads, and transfer to multiple lines, book appointments, and log interactions in your software for a reasonable virtual receptionist pricing. If you still have any doubt in your mind or it is difficult for you to make any decision regarding virtual receptionist services you can contact us 24/7.

Thank you!

Arnold Bloom

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