SmartLocks and Smart Homes, SECURAM Leading Security Co. Offers Touch Fingerprint Door Locks

Back to school and Back to work. Summer is quickly coming to a close and the modified “work from home” culture ending soon will leave many of our homes unmonitored while we are away. Enter SECURAM, a leading security systems company and the proprietary Touch fingerprint door lock and Smart Hub System. This first-of-its-kind security technology allows you to unlock your home by using proprietary touch-to-open technology with a smart deadbolt that integrates wireless technology with fingerprint recognition. Responding to increased market demand for smart home devices that include high-security functionality, reflecting customers’ desire for home security and peace of mind during the ongoing economic and social uncertainty of the pandemic home security has never been more at the forefront. Especially with busy moms, the remote access feature is a big plus. With Fall right around the corner, those unfinished items, scheduled ‘honey-do’ lists, and extra sets of hands needed for the foot traffic can be at an all time high. Knowing who’s accessing your castle is of utmost importance and nothing is more important to a parent than the safety of the children and family.

With slogans like “Security Uncompromised” and reflecting the needs of a growing work-from-home workforce as well as the hustle and bustle of kids going back to school, it’s more important than ever to ensure that our castles are protected as most of us are spending more and more away from home which is also why they have added Smart Window/Door Sensors to the suite. SECURAM Touch features include:

  • Fingerprint or numerical code lock options
  • Live notifications in Home/Away mode
  • Autolock or manual lock options
  • Durable weatherproof aluminum construction
  • Milled metal and a stainless steel bolt
  • Fits a wide variety of door frames
  • CR123A batteries for up to 1 year of battery life
  • Alexa compatible, Google Home and Apple Home connectivity planned

The smart devices industry is growing rapidly and changing the landscape of how we “view” our homes. Market share of smart lock devices is predicted to increase substantially over the next few years, with residential consumer use showing the greatest growth surpassing competitors and giving customers a sense of increased home security during turbulent and uncertain times. With Americans spending more time working, learning, and socializing, 41 percent of consumers purchased a smart home device. The third most popular item (after smart TVs and speakers) for parents was smart home security devices. The market outlook makes at-home experiences more convenient and safer, 4 in 10 consumers said they were interested in adding a smart device to their home. (

Since the pandemic, a study conducted by Parks Associates shows that American consumers are also using their smart home devices more often. Smart door locks top the list at a 50% increase in use. (Parks Associates) SECURAM sees its smart home security suite launch as filling a gap in the smart lock space — offering a high-security solution where competitors are lacking. For more information on the Smart Hub system and Fingertouch print you can visit

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