Trading with the Best Forex EA’s (My Experience!)

Trading with the Best Forex

Have you been trading for some time? Then, you might already have ideas about AI and automated trading in Forex. Most traders nowadays belong to the millennial group, but automated trading is famous among traders of all sizes and ages.

In a nutshell, Forex EA serves as your personal assistant in the Forex market. It utilizes pre-set rules, technical analysis, and parameters. So, it can buy or sell Forex on your behalf.

In some instances, traders prefer a semi-automated experience. They adjust some EA features and filter settings. Then, leave it to run. Other traders opt for a fully automated trading experience. It is ideal for seasoned traders with less time to place trades while helpful to novice traders with less knowledge of how to start trading.

Whether you a beginner or an experienced trader who wants automated trading, you want to ensure that you are trading with the best Forex EA. That is why I am here to share my experience with these EAs.

So, let’s get started!

Watch the video below to know about the Best robot I’ve ever used:

My Top 3 EAs

I have tried several EAs in the past, and below are my top three picks:

  1. Forex Fury

Both novice and seasoned traders agree that Forex Fury is the number one EA. It places traders daily using a low amount of risk and methodological strategies. Moreover, it trades as many as seven currency pairs at a time.

This auto trading robot can quickly adapt to the latest market trends. At this point, it had more than sixty auto-updates. With Forex Fury, you can test as many theories as you want due to its unlimited demos.

  1. Forex Stream 10 

Another reliable trading bot is the Forex Stream 10. This is ideal for inexperienced traders because it is easy to configure and optimize. In other words, you can change the settings and filters based on your trading preferences.

You can use Forex Stream 10 if you need to hold onto several trading control. It offers an average 75% win rate. In addition, using the “max spread,” you can avoid bad trades.

  1. Binary Strategy Forex Robot

Binary Strategy Forex Robot was created by real-life coders and traders. It focuses on the binary options market. It offers two strategy options according to the divergence: spirit and valor. In addition, it provides trading results every day that you can find on the official website.

Additionally, it delivers well-detailed back testing techniques on the MT4 platform. In simple words, this Forex auto trading bot s fully tested for many years before it started trading.

Choosing the Best EAs 

At first, I find it hard to choose the best EA for my trading needs. That is why I want to share how I end up with the best EA. Here are the factors you should look for:


Most Forex EAs promise that traders would get 90% monthly returns. If you notice that these EAs promise these huge monthly risks alongside low risk, you need to stay away from them. Instead, go for trading bots that deliver authentication for the claimed results.

For new and experienced traders, demo accounts are critical. They help you test filter adjustments and automated signals. In addition, you can try checking the back testing and live trading results about consistency.

Minimum Deposit 

I encountered EA providers that specify the minimum amount of deposit prior to accessing the EA system. So, it is critical to check the website’s terms and conditions to know the exact required minimum deposit.

Necessary Automation 

Before I settle to a specific EA, I asked myself, “how much automation I want?” Remember that you will encounter lots of variation in how automated the trading bot can be. For such reason, ensure to determine how hands-on you want to be throughout the trading activities.

You have to identify if you want to have a specific amount of control. For example, most traders prefer EAs to execute the market research, but they perform the buy and sell process themselves. Meanwhile, you might like to put in the money while letting the bot all of the work. Meaning, you will do nothing because the EA will make most of the job.

Payment Methods 

EA platforms differ from each other in terms of payment options. For instance, some EA only accepts PayPal or crypto currencies, while others may accept more conventional payment methods like bank transfer and debit/credit cards.

This means if there is a particular payment option you have to use, ensure to determine if it matches your needs. Plus, see to it that you will choose the most convenient payment methods. That way, you will not face any delays and other issues.

My Trading Experience with the Best EA on the Market 

Without EA, I don’t think I can easily keep up with the ever-changing Forex market. That is especially true when I was a novice trader. So, I was very thankful that I have discovered EAs.

I want the best EA to ensure that my entire trading experience is satisfying. So, I have been using Forex Fury for years, and my experience with it is very satisfactory.

The trading approach of this EA is based on a critical principle like time restriction. I discovered that it restricts the losses by functioning for a particular period. As a result, I gained profitable results.

Most of the time, Forex Fury opens trades in the afternoon. That time is when the Forex market slows down, which is ideal for targeting easy wins. In other words, the Forex EA function approximately 1-2 hours every day.

This trading approach is proven to be successful. Through time restriction while focusing 1-2 hours, you can maximize your profits much easier. Overall, my experience with this robot is stress-free while providing me interesting winning rate. Plus, it is affordable, loaded with advanced features, and offers dependable customer care.


Hopefully, this post will give you valuable hints about EAs. Since they differ from each other, ensure to choose the best one. Forex Fury is a reliable EA you can try. There is no way for you not to ensure more winnings day after day, from impressive features to verified trading results.

Arnold Bloom

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