Top 6 Documents for Car Crashes to Show Your Lawyer

Top 6 Documents for Car Crashes to Show Your Lawyer

Each year, around 4.4 million people are injured seriously enough to require medical attention following road accidents. Being involved in a crash is no joke. The financial, physical, and psychological ramifications it can cause are often debilitating.

Making sure you receive the compensation you’re entitled to after an accident can go a long way toward helping you recover. But in order to do so, you’ll likely need to talk to your lawyer and furnish him or her with the necessary documents for car crashes. Making sure you have these documents and records will greatly up your chances of winning your case.

Below you’ll find the 6 most important documents you’ll need following a car crash, and why they matter.


1. Medical Records

If you sought medical assistance after your accident, be sure to keep any records and receipts pertaining to this. These are important as they plainly show what procedures you had done as a result of the accident and how much everything cost. If your insurance company attempts to argue that your injuries were not as severe as you say, these reports are a means of answering their claims.

2. Insurance Information

You’ll need to provide your attorney with the name and contact details of your insurer. You should also provide evidence of the fact that you’ve been keeping up with your insurance payments. If you’re not, then you won’t be entitled to any compensation.

3. Photographic Evidence

Although it may not seem like the most natural thing to do at the time, taking photos of the scene immediately after your accident is important. Get pictures of both vehicles, the scene itself, and any visible injuries you’ve received. This handy guide to crashes and property damage from Sweet Lawyers may help you decide what to take pictures of.

4. Police Reports

You should also obtain any reports or records the attending police officers have made regarding the accident. These will help to corroborate your own accounts of the incident, as they come from an impartial observer.

5. Witness Reports

Like police reports, statements from witnesses will help to corroborate your account of the crash. They will provide detail and information to the insurance company about what actually occurred, strengthening your case further.

6. Citations Fines or Tickets

If you received any tickets, fines, or citations as a result of the accident, you’ll need to turn these over to your lawyer. If you have any citations from a previous incident, these may also be relevant. Make sure to provide your car accident lawyer Austin with a full and frank account of any road traffic incidents you’ve previously been involved in.

Strengthen Your Case With Documents for Car Crashes

If you want to strengthen your case and make your account of events iron clad, all of the above documents for car crashes will help. With a good car crash lawyer and the evidence to back you up, you’re far more likely to receive the compensation you deserve.

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