The Best VPN 2022 Review: iTop VPN

The Best VPN 2022 Review

When you use a VPN, your online traffic is encrypted and sent over a private virtual tunnel. It’s similar to having your own private entrance to the Internet. And with encryption, even if a hacker intercepts your Internet connection, they will only see scrambled data packets.

After testing dozens of VPNs, we are familiar with the leading VPN brands. We have chosen one of the top performers in terms of capabilities, security, and speed, iTop VPN.

iTop VPN Features:

It provides a relatively new VPN service, in just five years it was able to adapt to the market like some of the major players. Although VPN services such as Express VPN, Nord VPN, and Cyber Ghost had more time to consider client expectations and improve their services accordingly, nevertheless, iTop VPN accomplishes a number of things well. In this iTop VPN review, we will examine its capabilities Above all, we’ll assist you in determining whether or not it’s the best VPN to use in 2022.

iTop VPN Features

Ensures Your Privacy:

The majority of VPNs safeguard your privacy by employing secure VPN protocols such as WireGuard and OpenVPN. This does not ensure your safety – a provider can easily make mistakes in how they’re set up but because they’re open source, anyone can see how they operate and check the code for flaws.

However, iTop employs a unique color palette. The Windows application appears to establish a quick proxy connection to the VPN server before directing your traffic through the tunnel and encrypting it with iTop proprietary technology.


If you can alter your IP address and encrypt your connection while surfing the web, you can feel more secure. All of this is reversible if your VPN logs your data.

As we highlighted in our evaluation of iTop VPN, this service boasts a no-logging policy. This ensures the security of your data when utilizing the VPN service. “iTop VPN for Windows will strictly adhere to the No-Log Policy, thus under no circumstances will this VPN track or record any of your profile information,” in their own words.

Kill Switch:

During evaluation of iTop VPN, we would also want to highlight the kill switch. When your VPN connection is lost, the VPN service will automatically “stop” your computer’s Internet access. Thus, whenever your network is at risk, you will be safeguarded. Your ISP or any snoops will be unaware that you are utilizing a VPN.

Mac, Android, iOS:

The Mac application of iTop VPN resembles the Windows version in appearance, with a few glaring differences. There is no Downloading section, for example; the P2P locations are listed under “All Servers.” In the Quick Tasks section, there is no Play PUBG tile. There is neither a kill switch nor a Settings menu (the Protocols list is now on the main screen). If you frequently use both the Windows and Mac applications, the distinctions may be a bit confusing.

There is no Settings menu, no kill switch, no P2P, no HTTPS protocol option, and no further privacy options in the iOS application. Instead, only the location lists, a large Connect button, and a choice between TCP and UDP protocols are presented.


  1. Exceptional (limited) free plan
  2. Additional privacy protections
  3. Unblocked BBC iPlayer and Disney+
  4. Low-cost two-year plan


  1. Protocols non-standard

Final verdict:

iTop VPN is a free VPN service with a reasonably priced subscription plan and a couple of odd privacy add-ons. The free plan offers 700MB of data per day (21GB per month) and a selection of 16 places (including the United States and the United Kingdom), far surpassing the competitors. In the end, I must say its good to have such VPN’s.

Arnold Bloom

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