Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine

It is heard that Professor Feskov’s clinic offers services that include IVFs+own surrogate mothers. If you want to make anyone a surrogate mother, take her to the clinic; if she passes all her medical tests, she can become your surrogate mother. This program is effective for families who cannot afford high expenses, and to meet their basic requirements; they are willing to offer themselves as surrogate mothers. Anyone ready to use this offer can bring a surrogate mother to the clinic for further process. This article contains information about surrogate mothers in Ukraine.


Services available under 17000 Euros

The Ukrainian agency is responsible for all the possible expenses if they charge any costs for the process. They make sure to achieve pregnancy and birth of the child. Medical process needs to choose a donor with a similar blood group. This information about leihmutter ukraine (surrogacy) is public, but some details we can explain in this article. Fertilization is carried out in Vitro in IVF. ICSI technology provides sperm if a man’s sperm is weak. Pre-implantation is carried out, and fertilized eggs are incubated for 6-7 days. After this, the transfer of healthy embryos takes place. After the transfer, a particular hormone is generated, which makes pregnancy possible. After two to three weeks pregnancy test and then an ultrasound is carried out. This package includes these services:

  • Select a healthy embryo.
  • Preimplantation of embryo PGD/NGS.
  • Unlimited embryo transfer to the uterine.
  • Fulfill all the requirements of the surrogate mother and child till pregnancy.
  • Surety of getting pregnant.

Doctors take care of everything until pregnancy and are responsible for medical tests and medicines. But before signing into any agreement, you must read all terms and conditions and hire a lawyer who supervises all things because the legal registration of children is essential.

Benefits and Drawbacks of IVF services

This technology is growing daily because every couple desires to have children, and thus technology has made it possible for them to fulfill their dreams. But where people benefit from this technology, there are also some drawbacks. Let’s briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages.


The advantages of this package are:

  • provide services at reasonable prices.
  • It fulfills requirements according to your desires, and they do not let you wait for so long.
  • If someone has a surrogate mother in his own country where he lives, then he benefits from this package.


Every beneficial thing has some drawbacks that make people aware of its users whether they have to choose or not.

  • After the whole process, the hospital did not take responsibility for the surrogate mother.
  • If the surrogate mother refuses to complete the process, no one can force her to do it, and the person who invested their money is not paid back.
  • Must check all the documents before the process because there are many frauds. Agencies took all the money and did not contact the customers.


It was all about surrogacy in Ukraine. There are many packages in which they provide services and charge amounts according to them. There are three packages: basic, standard, and Premium. They have people aware of the advantages and disadvantages and discuss the services according to the amount.

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