Keep These Items Around When Caring for the Elderly

Keep These Items Around When Caring for the Elderly

Caring for the elderly can be a challenging task, but having the right items around can make it easier.

Whether you’re looking after a senior in their own home or in a personal care┬áresidence, there are certain items that you should keep around to make sure that they have everything they need.

Here are some items that you should keep handy when caring for the elderly.



It is important to have medications around when caring for the elderly because many older adults take multiple medications to manage chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.

Medications must be taken at the correct time, dosages and frequency to be effective, and not having them readily available can lead to missed doses or incorrect dosing which can cause negative health effects.

It is also important to have a list of all medications the elderly person is taking, including over-the-counter medications and supplements, to avoid any potential interactions with other medications.

Additionally, having a plan in place for refilling medications and keeping track of expiration dates can help ensure a continuous supply.

Medical Equipment

Having the appropriate medical equipment can help the elderly stay active and engaged, and prevent falls and other accidents, which can lead to injury or hospitalization.

Medical equipment can also help them to maintain independence and improve their quality of life. Examples of medical equipment that may be important to have on hand include:

  • Mobility aids such as walkers, canes, and wheelchairs to help with ambulation
  • Assistive devices such as grab bars, raised toilet seats, and shower chairs to improve safety in the bathroom
  • Medical alert systems or emergency response devices to provide quick access to help in case of an emergency
  • Oxygen therapy equipment for those with breathing difficulties
  • Adaptive equipment such as reachers, long-handled shoe horns, and special utensils to help with fine motor tasks.

Emergency Contact Information

It is critical to have emergency contact information when taking care of the elderly because it allows for quick and easy communication with family members or other designated contacts in case of an emergency or unexpected situation.

This can include medical emergencies, accidents, or other urgent situations where prompt action is necessary.

Having emergency contact information on hand can also help ensure that the elderly person’s needs and preferences are taken into account and that they receive appropriate care.


Adequate nutrition such as healthy meals, snacks, or nutritional supplements is important for the elderly because it helps to maintain their overall health and well-being. As people age, their nutrient needs change and they may have difficulty obtaining adequate nutrition from food alone.

Proper nutrition can help to prevent or manage chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. It can also help to maintain a healthy immune system, which is important for preventing infections.


Entertainment can provide a variety of benefits for the elderly, including:

  • Keeping their minds active and engaged, which can help to reduce the risk of cognitive decline
  • Providing a sense of purpose and social connection, which can help to reduce feelings of isolation and depression
  • Improving overall quality of life and well-being
  • Giving caregivers a break and providing a change of pace

Examples of forms of entertainment that may be beneficial for the elderly include playing games, listening to music, reading, watching movies, going out for walks, and socializing with friends and family.

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