Question To Ask Your Buyers Agent Before You Work With Them

Question To Ask Your Buyers Agent Before You Work With Them

Whether this is your first time or your old one left, it’s time to start honestly looking at what kind of agent you need. It starts with meeting them, and asking them is essential if you’re looking for buyer’s agents in Sydney.

But you need these questions to give you the correct information. If you can’t understand the data they’re providing you, you’re likely to become overwhelmed. So, please keep it simple or better; you use the ones below!



You’re practically conducting an interview, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. After all, they understand that you’re looking for the very best.

Are you appropriately licensed?

Check the OFT requirements in your area before you go in to meet your buyer’s agent. With this requirement in hand, you can sort through the buyer’s agents in Sydney.

Remember, licensing is the least an agent should have. It ensures that they know what they’re doing and have the proper permissions to handle your sale.

Have you been mentored?

Even if you’re not aware of multiple agents in Sydney, it’s always helpful to ask whether they’ve been mentored. If they say yes and provide a name, you can get this information checked out for yourself.

The benefits of being mentored are many, but mainly, they have connections and inside knowledge of the industry.

Getting a foothold in the industry is hard enough for many newcomers, never genuinely learning the inside secrets. But, someone mentored has an edge in the industry in Sydney that you can take advantage of!

How are you making a profit?

Your buyer’s agent isn’t needy, but they’re making money apart from the fee you’re paying (if you are). So, it’s okay to ask for information regarding their payouts. Are they getting any kickbacks from particular vendors or developers? You can take their advice distrustfully from that place.

If you’re not comfortable with such tie-ups, then the process of choosing an agent becomes easier. However, it is rare to find an exclusive agent.

What is the extent of their resources?

Independent agents are incredible in their ways and for their reasons. Firstly, you’re getting one person’s full attention on your case and all of their expertise. There’s no chance of miscommunications between colleagues or half-baked knowledge.

But, a team working on your case has other minds, resources, and more. Be clear on what you prefer and ask every agent you meet what kind of resources they put into each client.

Do they have testimonials?

The best way to judge whether the buyer’s agents in Sydney are worth hiring is by looking at testimonials. You don’t necessarily have to ask the agent for them as you’ll find them online these days.

Testimonials are the easiest way to gauge whether they keep their word correctly. After all, who knows better than somebody who has hired them before?


It may be nerve wracking to talk to new buyers agents all the time, but with a few questions prepared beforehand, you can get the correct information. With these questions, you’re set to meet as many buyers agents and finally narrow them down as you’d like. You’ll have an agent by your side in no time!

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