Playing at live casinos: Reviews, bonuses, and games

Playing at live casinos

The introduction of the online casino would bring about a lot, because players could suddenly play at the casino from the couch without having to leave the house. This in itself is very convenient, because nowadays you can also win big money online. Still, many players missed something: the conviviality of the traditional, physical casino. You have to admit: sitting at a fictitious, online roulette table is very practical, but not very cozy. Nothing comes close to the ambiance of the real casino.

Although, nothing… Not everyone will agree with that anymore, because with the advent of live casinos it has become very realistic. Thanks to a live camera connection you’re now in direct contact with a real gaming floor, including a real dealer who guides the game for you. That’s why live casinos have become so popular among players in such a short time. Want to know what the best live casinos are and how they work? Then you’ve come to the right place. Also we have listed for you where to find a good live casino, including bonuses and the best live casino games.

Live Casino Games

There are of course a lot of live casino games to play, but I like to list the most important live games for you:

Live Roulette

who doesn’t know this popular casino game? The goal is to guess in which of the 37 numbered boxes the ball will roll. To do this, you have many betting options. You can bet on a number, a color, several numbers at once, or several areas at once.

Get the ball rolling in the popular table game. In the live casino, you will find the ultimate online roulette experience.

Live Blackjack

This game is better known as 21 in the Netherlands. The goal is to get 21 points with your cards or as close to it as possible. However, if you come over, you automatically lose.

Online live blackjack as if you were playing in a regular casino. Chat while playing with the croupiers and together with other players.

Live Baccarat

also known as Punto Banco. In this game, you yourself are not dealt any carats. Only punto (the player) and banco (the croupier) get cards. You have to guess who gets the highest number of points. You can also opt for a tie. Since this is less common, it pays off more.

Play Baccarat lives online and choose from different tables, male and female dealers, and different variants such as speed, squeeze, or Dragon Tiger.

Live Poker

In the live casino, this is different than you may be used to. In fact, each hand that is dealt is a game in itself. Other than that, the rules are almost the same as the normal poker rules.

Choose your favorite poker room where you will play live against other players to show the best poker hand or the best bluff.

Other live casino games

Traditionally, most live casino games are based on card games, but there are also very modern variants and this is all thanks to Evolution Gaming. For example, nowadays there are Wheel of Fortune games (including a presenter) and you can even play live monopoly.

Bonus valid in live casino

Bonuses are usually only valid on slots. Very few casinos offer bonuses that can be used in table games, let alone in the live casino. But they are out there!

Live Casino Providers

Among the online casinos I’ve tested for you, a number of live casino developers feature prominently. In this case, that’s about:

  • Evolution (formerly ‘Evolution Gaming’): the absolute market leader when it comes to living casino games. They have the largest selection of live casino games including some original games that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Netent Live: Netent Live has been acquired by Evolution (formerly Evolution Gaming) since late 2020 and all Netent Live games have been added to the Evolution portfolio.
  • Pragmatic Play Live: this online casino developer and live casino provider from Romania is currently the only one streaming live casino games in 4K resolution.
  • Authentic Gaming Live: The smallest of the four is based in Malta but is growing rapidly. Currently, Authentic Gaming still has a small game offering with only a few roulette games from a studio or real casino.
Live Casino Providers 
Gamekeeper Evolution Gaming NetEnt Live Pragmatic Play Live Authentic Gaming Live
Image quality HD HD 4K HD
Roulette variants 17 1 1 3
Blackjack variants 12 3 1 2
Baccarat variants 5 0 0 0
Poker variants 6 0 0 0
Wheel of Fortune 2 0 0 0
Headquarters Sweden Sweden Romania Sweden

How does the Live Casino work?

If this is your first time playing in a live casino, you might be a little nervous. Don’t worry! I’ll explain it step by step:

  1. Navigate to the live casino

To get into the live casino go to your favorite online casino and generally choose the Live Casino option from the main menu. Once you are in the live casino you can choose the table you want to play at. The live croupier will welcome you and with a bit of luck will call you by your username.

  1. Choose your game

For the card games, you must first take a seat at the table. You do this by clicking on a free spot (the one without a name). For roulette, you can join at any time.

  1. Place your bet

You should note that you can only bet for a limited time. You can also first watch the game without betting directly.

  1. Ask questions

For questions, you can go to the live chat. Here you can also chat with the live croupier. He is there to guide the game and that includes answering the questions.

  1. Customize settings.

You can change various settings in a menu, including your bet, the sound, and the camera angle. You can also check your balance here. It is in this place where you can also go through the rules of the game.

  1. Try different casinos and live games

However, I always recommend that you sample the atmosphere first and only then play for money. Furthermore, it is important to read all the terms and conditions of a casino before making a bet.

Checklist for a safe online live casino experience

Reliability and security are always paramount when online financial transactions are involved. You also want to make sure you have a fair chance of winning when gambling online. Therefore, I have put together a checklist where you can easily verify that you are playing at a reliable casino.

  1. Licenses: every operator (the casino) and provider (the party providing the software and games) must be licensed by a gaming authority. Among other things, they check whether the RNG is fair, the provider is financially sound and whether there are any complaints from players.
  2. Game supervision: You see the game being played by a live dealer, so make sure you keep an eye on how the dealer shuffles the cards and throws the ball. By the way, this is done by reputable dealers, so it’s usually a good thing in terms of reliability.
  3. Game maker: this is the case anyway with reliable game makers such as Evolution Gaming, for example. Only play in live casinos that offer games from reliable providers.

Live Croupiers

Not only can you enjoy the nice live croupiers, but there is also a wide range of games available in the live casinos. For example, you can find many variations at the various gaming tables of games like live roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat, live poker, and dream catcher.


During the game, you will be assisted by a croupier who will take care of the game and can answer any questions. It is possible to ask questions. The croupier will answer these via either a microphone or the chat itself. This gives you the feeling of being in a real casino, without having to leave your living room. Croupiers also have the role of host/hostess. So you can imagine that the game is supervised by people who want to make you feel at ease: often there is no lack of a friendly smile.

Watch Evolution Gaming dealers in action

Frequently asked questions live casino

What is the difference between the live casino and the online casino?

In the live casino, the game is supervised by a live dealer, whereas in the online casino you depend on computerized results. This makes the live casino much more social and sociable compared to the online casino. Thanks to the live casino, the casino experience from the land casino come very close.

Is the live casino the same as the land-based casino?

No, the live casino stands for the live camera connection that you as a player have at home (or any other place) with the live dealer. In the land-based casino, you are present yourself. The land-based casino is also called a land-based casino. The live casino is also referred to as the Live Dealer Casino.

What is the advantage of the live casino?

The live casino brings the gaming floor to your living room through the live camera connection to the gaming floor. As a result, you see a live croupier guiding the game for you. This makes the playing experience much more interactive than when you play in the online casino where the results are purely computer-driven.

Can I try the live casino for free?

You can only take a free look at the live casino. That way you can get a taste of the atmosphere in the casino. However, you can’t try out the live casino for free like you can in the online casino with the demo version. In the live casino, you are expected to make a bet for money.

What are the best live casinos in 2021?

Most providers now have a live casino in-house. The best live casino is the one that has the largest game selection, as well as the best game makers and attractive casino bonuses that are also or partially valid in the live casino.

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