PC Power Up: Configure PC of Your Own Choice by Yourself

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Before you independently assemble a gaming system unit at the best price, you need to select the models and parameters of the components. It is important to strike a balance between the characteristics of the main and secondary components of the computer for games, so that there are no obvious weaknesses in the assembly that slow down the entire system.

What is the assembly formed from? The following details are required & such kind of information is available on PC Power Up site:



The amount of RAM determines how quickly the computer processes temporary intermediate data in RAM (not to be confused with drive memory). The system requirements for modern games often indicate the recommended size of 16 GB.

What characteristics of computer RAM do you need for games? In terms of price, there is not too much difference between 8 GB and 16 GB of RAM, so it is better to stock up you will be better prepared for the future when the latest games can take full advantage of these resources.

Also note: the higher the RAM frequency, the better, preferably from 3200 MHz

Power Supply:-

This component directs power from the wall outlet to the motherboard and other parts of the system unit. It plays an important role in protecting the system from power surges and fluctuations. Considering which computer to buy for home use and games, you need to learn one golden rule – never save on a power supply and always look for a model with an “80+” certificate. An example of a good product is the Corsair CX 650M with power headroom for the future.

Cooling System For Gaming PC:-

Naturally, make sure that the socket (when choosing a cooler for the processor) and connectors match, otherwise the cooling system will not be able to connect. Another important parameter is the noise level. The fastest fans are more efficient, but louder. As an option look for models with a large diameter of the blades, they work at lower rpm, so it is quieter.

For 75-watt devices that do not need additional power, one – boxed CPU cooler is enough. Graphics adapters with a rate of up to 150 W for comfortable work will not interfere with two-fan cooling. In the case of a GPU up to 200 W, a radiator with copper pipes will be needed; 250 watt devices will need water cooling.


There must be enough space in the case for the overall components and free air circulation. The best options are:

Mid tower is one of the most popular solutions, a standard mid-size case. Cube Case is a case for a gaming computer with horizontal slots for motherboards. It allows you to save workspace without the use of trimmed components.

Full Tower is the largest model that is suitable for productive full-size components and powerful cooling system.

Design is equally important. Many gaming PC cases have windows on the side and top panels. And additional lighting and its controller are almost indispensable elements. It is also worth paying attention to noise absorption and rubberized feet to reduce vibration levels.

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