PCB America Is a Technical Company

PCB America Is a Technical Company

PCB America is a technical company. There are many types of products. A printed circuit board, or PCB, is used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components using conductive pathways, tracks or signal traces etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate.

Design Resources

Reliability Can be ordered.

In the product:


Power ICs simplify the design of power supply and power management circuits by integrating key circuit functions into a single chip, resulting in higher reliability with significant savings in power consumption, board space, and cost. We are the leading supplier of power integrated circuits for power conversion and battery management applications. We offer a variety of power conversion circuits and controller ICs. Our battery management products provide the top fuel gauge, charging and monitoring functions on the market. Our power products support a wide variety of applications, including industry, communications, automotive, data centers, consumer and healthcare markets. Training is being done to support here. Everything for the energy product:

Battery Management

Switching Regulator – Switching Regulators

Power Management ICs

Isolated Power

Charge Pumps

Linear Regulators (LDOs)

LED Driver – LED Driver ICs


Simple ICs give total simple circuit capacities, from the easy to the mind boggling, in a solitary chip. Simple gadgets are important to interface certifiable signs to electronic and advanced frameworks. Our wide choice of simple items incorporates operation amps and fr4 pcb, current sense amps, sound and video enhancers, information converters, simple channels, simple switches and multiplexers and sensor interface gadgets. These superior simple items incorporate high exactness, high accuracy, low clamor, low force, and high-voltage choices in an assortment of bundle sizes. Our analog devices support a wide variety of applications including industrial, communication, automotive, healthcare and consumer products. Everything for the Analog product:

Maxim Integrated Offers Shoot and Series Voltage Reference visits Isis’s industry-leading portfolio. All voltage references

Reference shots

Series reference

High reassurance

3.Interface Integrated Circuits:

Interface ICs give total electronic interface circuit capacities in a solitary chip which builds dependability while giving critical reserve funds in plan exertion, plan size and cost. Our wide determination of interface ICs empower strong, solid and productive correspondences which work on plan while giving the most significant levels of sign detachment and assurance. Our market-driving handsets, IO-Link gadgets, USB, rapid sequential connection and modern I/O interface gadgets support an expansive assortment of uses, including mechanical, car, versatile and convenient gadgets. Proverb’s handsets coordinate a wide cluster of highlights to build dependability and improve on the work area. USB-Universal Serial Bus.

Our USB products provide solutions ranging from USB signaling to USB power management.

Maxim’s Broadband Switch portfolio provides protocol-specific solutions for high-speed (> 500MHz).

The sensor interface ICs connect directly to a sensor component and also provide the necessary signal conduit.


Our 32-bit microcontrollers give the foundation to building strong gadgets in the Internet of Things (IOT) age. Super low force activity expands battery life, little impressions empower pervasive use, and top tier security ensures your venture.


Embedded systems need protection from malicious attacks. Add Temper detection to your system to protect sensitive data and encryption keys. Or protect your IP and research and development investment from cloning and unauthorized use. Maxim’s solutions allow you to easily secure your entire system.

Secure Authentication

Secure Microcontrollers

Deep Cover Embedded Security Technology

Chip-DNA Embedded Security PUF Technology.

SENSORS: Temperature Sensors ICs

Healthcare Sensor ICs.

IBUTTON AND 1-WIRE: The lid and base can serve as contacts for the silicon chip. I-Button devices are wear-tested for 10 years of durability. Many button devices use the 1-Wire serial protocol.

Body Electronics & Lighting

MIL-STD-883B Data Sheets

DSCC-SMD Devices


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