Earth Has Been Replicated In Its Entirety in ‘Minecraft


Youtube user PippensFTS has generated a 1: 1 scale version of Earth in Minecraft thanks to the use of two mods, Terra 1-to-1 and Cubic Chunks. Thanks to them, it has exceeded the usual limits of construction in the game, which reach 255 meters high, which would have made the idea of ​​replicating the Earth in full size impossible.

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But the Cubic Chunks mod transforms ‘Minecraft’ terrain portions (16×16 block areas, with a depth of 256 blocks) into 16x16x16 cubes, providing virtually infinite depth to build on the two verticals. And the first practical application that PippensFTS has come up with is replicating planet Earth. For this, he has used another mod, the Terra 1-1.

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What this second mod does is take information from geographic data files, such as Google Maps, and turn them into ‘Minecraft’ blocks . Outcome? Gigantic natural settings such as Everest or the Grand Canyon have their replica automatically in-game. But of course it is only the first step. There is a lot of planet to repeat.

Let the Earth in Minecraft not stop

Of course, the mod is not capable of interpreting all the variety and richness of the planet, as PippensFTS explains, but instead reinterprets Google images as it can. This is how he comes to deduce that the pyramids of Egypt are mountains of mud, and although he does not put too many examples in the video, the YouTuber claims that similar things happen with artificial constructions such as the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty, which sometimes the mod directly skips.

The next step of PippenFTS is to start with a collective project called Build The Earth, in which other players are introducing their versions of the artificial monuments that populate the planet . They will also try to give the virtual version a spherical shape, because currently their project has literally infinite places, stemming from a misinterpretation of the poles that Google Maps gives. You have to download the mods and remake them by hand, which is certainly a titanic endeavor. He has, for the time being, settled on his hometown of Seattle.

At the moment the project is awakening expectation and communication: a thread on Reddit, a Patreon account to finance it and a page on Discord also for the communication of the group. People have already started with projects ranging from recreating streets to rebuilding famous monuments, and if you feel like contributing, they will surely make your room. After all, who doesn’t feel like putting on a colossal project to hang out with?

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