Dark Netflix Review; A look into the Dark Netflix 2020

Into the dark Netflix

The German series ‘ Dark ‘ has released its Dark Netflix season 3 on Netflix after debuting in 2017 on the platform and slowly growing in popularity, until it was considered the best original series on the platform, even surpassing ‘ Stranger Things ‘ (2016-) in a Rotten Tomatoes poll with votes of 2.5 million user votes. Up to 80% chose the title as the best product in the international catalog. Let us have a look into the dark Netflix today.

It is no surprise that Netflix’s first German original series, dealing with quantum physics, time travel and paradoxes, has surpassed its risky gambling condition to reach Be number one in the top 10 of the platform. Also, ‘ Dark ‘ is complex, with many implications for its twists. It is not the classic case of certain success and has become a kind of phenomenon, perhaps due to some of the following factors. The audience loved all the twists in the dark season 2 and they applauded the ending in the dark season 3 as well, which indicates the success of this series.


The arrival of the new German ‘Stranger Things’

Three years ago, when ‘ Dark ‘ was released on December 1, 2017, the Netflix production, ‘ Stranger things ‘, which debuted on July 15, 2016, was already a truly social event. It is no wonder that the first anchor marketing and media clung to was the apparent similarity between the two, which had in common the issue of the disappearance of a child, a mystery involving experiments with infants, and scenes from the decade. The 1980s with some common use of vintage songs.

However, the overall theme of the fantastic breaking into a small town revealed a very tenuous coincidence to keep that comparison going for a long time. ‘ Dark ‘ is not American and it shows in its different, slower rhythm, full of pauses and with a narrative construction that demands attention to understand its temporal game. Its plot of space-time challenges the viewer who discovers everything together with the characters, with thick dissertations on the how, when, and why.

A crossroads of influences Into the dark Netflix

Into the dark Netflix

Just because ‘ Dark ‘ scales more to philosophical, scientific, and historical issues than ‘ Stranger Things ‘ doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot of pop culture references, even though these aren’t the conglomerate for making candied work in nostalgia. From cyberpunk fiction to Shakespeare, the series does not hide that, after all, it is a dark science fiction work, so it is not difficult to find some keys in tone and themes with films like ‘ Donnie Darko ‘ (2001).

It is not by chance that little Mikkel is wearing a skeleton costume, which in the Richard Kelly film was already a direct reference to ‘ Karate Kid ‘ (1984). Jonas’s yellow raincoat makes a small appeal to Stephen King’s general influence and, within the apocalyptic angle with time travel, there are more than ’12 monkeys ‘ (12 Monkeys, 1995), both the film and the series, or ‘ Back to the future ‘to which it refers directly because it is part of the reality of its characters.

But outside the world of cinema, ‘ Dark ‘ exposes themes related to the post-war period, the aftermath of Chernobyl, German classical literature, Christianity, and, above all, Greek mythology. The presence of Ariadne’s thread, within the mythological episode of the Crete labyrinth, makes a similarity of Martha with Ariadne, who helps Theseus, Jonas, overcome the Minotaur and then get out of the labyrinth, using a ball to mark the path of Return. Something that not only does not hide but to which they wink with plays and books.

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The infinite paradox: science fiction in the Dark Netflix

Into the dark netflix

Many ingredients have made the series attractive to millions of people, but there may be no other hook than the plot itself. Written by Jantje Friese, the series goes from the mystery of disappearances to the style ‘ The Missing ‘ (2014), more present in its first season, to drawing a plot that moves between three timelines exploited in a complex story involving Jonas and Martha as main characters and an infinite conflict driven by time travel.

The characters travel between different periods of the town of Winden and their actions on each visit, deliberate or not, have side effects that echo throughout the decades, with some impact complications. However, it was in the dark season 2 that really stung its viewers, further complicating the plot, introducing unexpected and shocking kinships and establishing even more established mythology with the rivalry between an old man named Adam and another named Claudia, doubling the characters. and plot threads to such an extent that it is really difficult to follow each one of them without losing sight of others.

Time machines, God particles, and some quantum concepts were implemented with the end of the second season, when parallel realities were introduced, building a mythology that added alternatives to its already complicated paradoxes.

But all of these things made Dark a bit more complicated, compelling the audience to resort to different websites to read dark Netflix explained. Watching the series with pen and paper is almost essential in solving some of the most difficult relationships. At a time when all fiction is chewed up and simplified, the success of ‘ Dark ‘ may be a wake-up call to an audience eternally underrated by many entertainment multinationals.

Horror, soap operas, and philosophy. More than time travel

Into the dark netflix

One of the hallmarks of ‘ Dark ‘ over other Netflix series is its photography. The work of Nikolaus Summerer not only offers an impressive use of digital sharpness without losing depth and texture but creates a dark palette that adds weight to its oppressive atmosphere, often punctuated by sinister blows sound, especially in its first season, they brought fiction closer to the cinematic language of horror.

The characters murmur that Winden is cursed on more than one occasion, and the way the town and surrounding forest is shot makes it seem like that. If we add to this that the cruel destinies of some protagonists are not cut off in terms of the use of violence and that we can find grotesquely deformed characters, the overall picture is rather cloudy. It may have to do with ‘ Dark’ apparently being guided by determinism and a lack of will, which connects to his arid, raw look.

All this contrasts with the motivations of the characters, usually guided by romantic, paternal, or brotherly love. Unrequited, forbidden, and murky family relationships between the Kahnwalds, Dopplers, Nielsens, and Tiedemann’s. Clans whose connections, some incestuous, others shattering, reveal themselves over time, following up to more than one version of the members at the same age. We add matricide and filicide, consciously or not, which ends up being a whole soap opera of biblical nuances that explores mortality, human nature, pain, and loss.

The German factor in the Dark Netflix Review.

That ‘ Dark ‘ has a bit of an intense soap opera that should not be surprising when we consider its origin. Precisely, another reason for its success is that it is a series made by Germans, for a German audience, despite the fact that the distribution is worldwide. In addition to the phlegmatic and complicated romantic relationships, there are details such as the characteristic yellow-covered textbooks, the strong opposition to the town’s nuclear power plant, or the ridiculous “ toast Hawaii ” treated as a delicacy. Everything oozes pure Germany.

End of cycles and resolutions In the Dark Season 3.

The clues for the long-awaited finale of ‘ Dark ‘ are embedded in the sect’s own motto. The end is the beginning, the beginning is the end. If in the first two seasons, the series is dedicated to explaining the connections of the four families and their relationship in space and time, the third opens up the possibilities with alternative versions. During the first 16 chapters, phrases such as ” everything is connected ” are insisted on, but the conclusion tries to explain those connections that emerged in the three years of the series.

The plot has in common, from the beginning, the Ariadne thread. At the beginning we see Martha Nielsen interpreting a play in which she is Ariadne, so in the dark season 3, they increase its importance in solving the problem of the temporal maze created by time travel and is resolved if the sect created by the Mysterious Adam, Sic Mundus, makes sense. Season 3 of ‘ Dark ‘ plays in parallel to the first, even with the same dialogues and repeated events in the specular world taking on new meaning as it heads for a conclusion that leaves a lot of loose ends.

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