How to use flow chart creator free?


What is a Flow chart?

The flow chart is the visualization through a map of activity within a chain of processes, using appropriate symbologies, establishing the beginning, middle, and end of this set of manipulations of the activity so that it has a satisfactory result.

In the flow chart creator free, the visual map is created where you can check the different stages of a flow chart, with the coordinates for its development, making the set of stages a standardized, organized work that can be understood and used by anyone. Next, check out more information about creating flow charts and how to use a flow chart creator free?

Flow chart signs and symbols

A flow chart always presents the beginning, its meaning of reading, and the movement of steps, that is, its flow, and its completion. Basic symbols are used in online flow chart creator free, which may vary according to the flowchart software of the assembled diagram. Among the most commonly used symbols in the flow chart are the following:

Start and end: usually the symbol used at the beginning of the flow chart is a rectangle with rounded edges, establishing the beginning and end of the presented flow. The necessary actions for the process are also inserted in the rectangles;

Arrows: used to indicate the flow direction of the steps.

Diamonds: the diamonds represent the alternatives or questions created by the stages, and must always present two outputs for positive or negative answers.

Lines and arrows can never cross over each other to better identify the visualization of the steps, without confusing who is analyzing.

Textual indications in diamonds and rectangles must always be clear and succinct, using the verb in the infinitive.

How to use a flow chart creator free?

The elaboration of a flow chart needs to contain, in a well-defined way, a relationship that contains a beginning, middle, and end:

Start – contains the entries, the start needed to start the process;

Medium – the medium presents the processes themselves so that the activities that will be carried out are presented, as it is through them that the established objectives can be achieved.

End – at this stage, the outputs of the processes and the results expected to be obtained with all the activities that will be performed are presented.

In online flow chart creator free, it is possible to use symbols that are presented in different formats and make it even simpler and easier to understand the steps of the process, but care must be taken not to make too much use of these elements, which would make the information disconnected.

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A step that cannot be disregarded before starting the flow chart is carrying out a study to list all the processes developed within the organization, understand them, and verify the relationship between them so that it is possible to create an objective and logical graph. Flow chart creator free can detail the operation of a given process and prior planning is essential so that only then can be established which processes will be designed and the sequence that will exist between them.

What is the purpose of a flow chart creator free?

The main objectives of flow chart creator free are to improve the understanding of processes and the way they are interconnected, to show how routines and activities are performed within the company, and to find the problems that lead to a waste of time and resources.

To achieve these goals more effectively and efficiently, it is possible to use symbols that facilitate the understanding of the information generated.

How to make a simple flowchart?

A simple flowchart can be used to define less complex work routines, studies, or processes, and Excel, Word, and applications such as Design Shack can be used for this, which allows for the free formulation of this graph.

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