How to regrow hair without a hair transplant?

 How to regrow hair without a hair transplant?
 How to regrow hair without a hair transplant?

Hairs have a huge impact on your confidence level, that’s why due to hair fall you feel uncomfortable in public. Many methods are widely used to cure hair fall, but you can’t use them all, even sometimes you think about hair transplant surgical procedures. Do you also wonder how to regrow hair without a hair transplant? Click here to know more about illumiflow and capillus.

There are many methods by which you can regrow hair. Some methods are natural means natural products are used in these, some with oral medications, and in the end you can use laser caps against hair fall. But which cap is a perfect fit? As we know many laser caps-making companies compete with each other, like “Illumiflow vs Capillus”. Nowadays it has been seen that laser caps are widely used as an alternative for hair transplant. Let’s dive in for better insights about alternatives for hair transplant.



Minoxidil is a medication in usage for hair loss in males and females. It is available in tablet form and foam. It is particularly used for the treatment of pattern baldness in males but it can’t be used for the baldness at the front of the scalp. Combining foam with 2 percent of minoxidil solution is used for hair growth in women with thinning hair.

Minoxidil is not recommended for patchy hair loss, hair loss without knowing the cause of it, and 18 years old or younger are prohibited to use minoxidil.

Laser caps

Laser caps are (LLLT) devices used for restoring lost hairs and help in the regrowth of hairs. These products can be used by both males and females. Every laser cap is not FDA cleared so before buying a laser cap make sure it is FDA cleared or not. You might be confused about choosing a cap for yourself, so here are a few best laser caps

1 Capillus82 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap

This cap is produced by Capillus. It is a simple laser cap as shown by its name Capillus82, it contains 82 laser diodes and it is a lower number as compared to other caps. Due to the reduced number of laser diodes, it covers a smaller area on the head. It is FDA-approved and mainly used against androgenetic. It has a 95% success rate. You have to wear this for 6 minutes every day for few months. It takes time for results, it has been seen that people use this cap for 6 months then they saw positive results.

2 Illumiflow 272 Hair Growth Cap

Illumiflow produces this cap, as it is clear from its name that it has 272 laser diodes and 272 lasers are enough to provide maximum coverage to the head. The warranty offered by illumiflow for this cap is 5-years and the company claims that its battery can last up to 20,000 sessions. Illumiflow 272 is comfortable in wearing despite all this material inside it.

 Illumiflow 272 is FDA-approved for safety. It is recommended to wear this 30-minutes a day and 3 times a week. It comes with a money-back warranty and it is quite a good choice to get laser treatment.


We have explained alternatives for hair transplant surgery which are in great use nowadays. These alternatives can be used by both males and females. You can either use medication like minoxidil or you can go with laser treatment. If you find this article useful then kindly share this write-up and for more visit One Spot Beauty

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