How to Make a Perfect Instagram Page for Your Business

How to Make a Perfect Instagram Page for Your Business

Social media is what your business cannot do without. However, making your page look perfect visually is not as easy as it sounds. It’s essential that all photos you post on your Instagram correspond with each other, like it’s done on the 22Bet page, and you should remember about a color scheme you have to use in your account. And to improve your Instagram, you don’t need to spend money on designers. Just download these apps and follow simple tips.


Canva – Making a Stylish Banner, or Certificate

Canva is one of the most popular free photo services. It has templates for different formats, such as posts, banners, storis, gift certificates, and flyers. The design can be easily adapted to your task, even from your phone.

In the free version, there are 250,000 templates, 100 design types, photostock, and 5 GB of cloud storage available to you for free. It is enough to work on several social media accounts at once.

InShot – Overlaying Music or Text on Your Videos

InShot is a tool to create videos. It’s suitable for basic tasks: trim the beginning and end of the video, cut the best fragment of a long video, add text and voice to it.

InShot is also useful as a photo editing tool. The editor can make a collage, crop the image to the desired size, or apply a filter.

Snapseed – Editing Photos With Ready-made Filters

Snapseed is a free photo editing app where you can change the colors and brightness of an image, add stickers or text. With ready-made filters, it is convenient to design photos for posts in a single style.

Mojo – Creating Animation From Photos

Mojo is most commonly used as a service for creating videos from photos. You can use it to make a slideshow, set up automatic photo enlargement or the gradual appearance of text on a picture. Such stories are good for advertising and will add variety to your account’s feed.

Free stories templates are available, but only with the Mojo watermark.

The Pro version includes 300 additional templates and text styles, and allows you to save your video without a watermark. The free version is enough for social networks, but if you want the freedom to create, pay for your Pro subscription.

SMMplanner – Preparing Content in Advance

In SMMplanner, you can upload posts and posts in advance and schedule their publishing time. You can prepare publications for several days in advance and not be distracted by posting them every day. With the built-in online photo processing service, you can immediately process a photo with a filter, apply a sticker, text or a watermark.

3 Hacks for Your Perfect Instagram Page

Find Your Color

This is the most important step. You need to find a color scheme that will evoke the right associations about you. For example, if you lead children’s parties, it is inappropriate to use “gloomy tones”. Conversely, if you are renting out a loft, you should not add “children’s tones”.

If you don’t already have a brand book that describes your corporate colors, now is the time to start forming one:

  • Carefully study the meaning of shades.
  • Listen to yourself: do you like this color? Does it feel good to be and work in?
  • Learn how to harmonize colors. The Itten color wheel will help you with this.
  • A few weeks after implementing the new color scheme, be sure to ask your subscribers if they like the changes. If not, you need to make adjustments. Remember, if more than 50% voted “FOR” the new changes, all is well. It’s impossible to like everyone.

Decide on a Posting Scheme

The right placement of images in your Instagram feed will not only attract the attention of subscribers/potential subscribers, but it will also build their loyalty to your brand. With the feed, you’ll show that you care about your customers/readers by considering not only their ultimate interest but also their aesthetic pleasure.

Explore Anti-trends

Using only one color is the worst thing you can do. So stop throwing the same preset on your photos. Better take a few color correction patterns and dispose of them according to the previous points. You can also use tools like Social Scrape to get more out of Instagram.

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