How can I make money playing games?

How can I make money playing games

Today on the Internet you can make money in different ways, including:

  • – Freelance,
  • – Remote work,
  • – Earnings from betting,
  • – Playing,
  • – Earn money on social networks and various video platforms.
  • – Other ways, the number of which is very large.

You can also make good money just by playing a variety of games. Now most games are multiplayer, and therefore a competitive moment, in which everyone wants to be a leader and that’s what you can earn in the games.


1) Earnings on the sale of game currency and valuable things

This method of earning is applicable to almost all MMO games. For in-game currency can buy a certain in-game values, but to fill it hours, not everyone can. Using a large number of windows and special programs, the characters themselves will kill monsters, thereby pharma lot of game currency, which in the future with special services, you can exchange for real money. You can also sell unique items that are rarely dropped in the game world. With these services can be safely exchanged game values for real money.

2) Help in quests, killing bosses, passing certain locations.

This way of earning is also suitable for MMO games in which it is necessary to pass certain quests. People sell a place in the group, which can be bought for a certain amount of money. As a result, a quest or a necessary location has to be made, and the player who bought a place in the group can just stand in place, but it will allow him to complete the quest or pass the necessary dungeon at a certain time.

3) Lootboxes and sale of skins.

This method is particularly relevant for games on Steam. Once a week, players are given a random game Lootboxes random skin (the value of which can be equal to $0.10, or more than $ 1000). You can open Lootboxes by yourself and hope to get lucky, as in, so you can sell them on the trading floor, though their value is not great. To open the Lutbox, you need to buy a special key. It can fall out of it, as a cheap skin, and a unique value of which will be quite great.
In addition, you can buy and resell things on the Steam trading platform. Especially good money can be made during various events, when new skins just appear and the number of those wishing to have a skin is large enough.

4) Selling and boosting gaming accounts.

Accounts that have good stats and a large number of various things can be very expensive. For example, an account in Dota2 game with rating above 7000 can cost more than 2 thousand dollars.
Many players want to play with the best, but for whatever reasons they can not do it on their own, they buy a game account boost. The cost of which depends on the current and required rating, as well as the timing in which the boost gaming account.

5) Streaming games

Streaming games brings a pretty good income. Especially you can earn a lot, with excellent gaming skills, as well as interesting communication with the audience channel. Today there are a lot of streaming games, and absolutely different ones. Streaming as novice players and professional players. Among the streamers there are a lot of girls who stream their gameplay, flirt with the audience telling various stories from life, and sometimes just play casino.

6) Professional eSports

This is the biggest and most difficult kind of earnings. In order to become a professional player you need to be really one of the best in a particular cybersport discipline. Cybersport has appeared quite recently, but it is actively developing and many teams already bought players from other teams, the sum of transfers exceeded 1 million dollars in some deals.
Professional players receive a salary, which is written in their contract, also rent apartments, pay for flights to participate in tournaments and sign additional sponsorship agreements.

In addition, the prize money that the team or player of the team wins in the tournament goes directly to the players (the organization, under whose aegis the players play, does not take a percentage of the prize money).
Also, professional non-athletes often stream their games, in which they additionally earn by communicating and revealing certain game secrets. Many of them can be played on the spot, but for such a game it will be necessary to pay a certain amount of money. Becoming a professional player is quite difficult, you need to train regularly (at least 8 hours a day), understand the game, as well as just have a certain talent and diligence, but it is really worth it.

There are other ways to make money from games, but they are less popular and more difficult to perform, but they will also bring a regular income, which will not go to work, and earn money playing different games and just having a great time.

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